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By Yolandi Joubert

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I really need help to get a large section of open space which needs to be enclosed in my back yard to breed more of my own cacti plants, instead of buying from suppliers!

It currently costs me R 12 per plant from suppliers but the ones I grew myself cost me R 4 per plant!

This is a picture of the space available:

This is what I plan to do with this open space with you kindness:

I then take the little plants and get creative with them by planting them in the most weirdest containers and selling them - clients love them!


I am wanting to get product cost down, it is much cheaper to grow my own supply of plants, as I've tried and tested.


  • I want to be more independent financially
  • I want to create network to others in the long run
  • and most importantly, I want to give to the ones who cannot speak for themselves, by donating 10% of all my sales to animal welfare.

I have started donating since my very first sale. I have this picture and found it very moving and relevant to my cause in life. Every little bit I can contribute to them helps.


My products are liked and I have had customers travelling from Cape Town to us - just to buy - BUT I am asking out of pure desperate need if you can please assist with growing my business.

I would really appreciate donations for enclosing my sun drenched back yard with shade net. I have already closed a small section with timber and allnet which was donated to me.


I had to make a plan with shelving as there were no funds available, so I used large bricks with timer off cuts and cement to make these 3 step shelves!

Please keep in mind that I built this with my own 2 hands!

End Result of shelves:

Orders of these items are also most welcome as I do not expect funds for free, I can return your extreme kindness with lovely gifts.

Please look at my Crowdfunding Pledge gifts. Thank you!


  • R 6 000.00 - timber/shade net
  • Total R 6 000.00

With these funds I will be able to fast track my business with 2 years, as this is how long it will take me to save R 6 000.00 by myself. This is why I say every little contribution helps and means the world to me.

Here is a picture of me varnishing the top timber before covering it with shade net.

Wood treatment = my hands: Full of wood varnish!

Hard working. Excuse my appearance, I am in my old working outfit and the hat is for the blazing sun.

Please help me complete my dream!

If you want to/ or support local small business entrepreneurs then please support me! I have exciting pledge gifts to show my appreciation.


  • R 200.00 gets you a personal Chellie, packed and savely sent to you!
  • R 300.00 gets you a personal Chellie as above BUT you can name it and I will lable it before sending off to you. The clone Chellies will be branded as per the name you have chosen and sold to the public.
  • R 500.00 gets you to pick out of 8 shells and pick a cacti. I will then get it packed, and then you have to name it, where I will brand that type of Chellie to that name for the public to buy.
  • All donators will be thanked on our Facebook page as well and a special Thank You sticker will be put on each Chellie box, with the names of each donator which are sold for 2017 (you are more than welcome to add a company name as well)!

1 Comment

  1. Yolandi

    We have been quite busy with some private donations which was donated, but we need some more. Thank you to all the lovely people who have donated timber and gum poles. Your names/business names has been added to the story sticker which will be on each and every box which is going out to clients for this year. Your assistance is so appriciated. Once the campain has finished we will post pictures of the final product which will have the sponsor stickers on.

    Thank you again!

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What are my Rewards?

  • R 200.00 gets you a personal Chellie, packed and savely sent to you!
  • R 300.00 gers you a personal Chellie as above BUT you can name it and I will lable it before sending off to you.
  • R 500.00 gets you to pict out of 8 shells and pict a cacti. I will then get it packed and the you have to give it a name where I will brand that type of Chellie to that name for the public to buy.

Any questions please let me know.

  • If you want to get regular updates with pic's on how my building of the shade net is going then please support me!

I'm unable to offer huge rewards but can offer you my proudly self-made products in return for pledges.

  • I have made fun pledge levels available to show how much I appreciate your kindness! They will be carefully packed with love and sent to you!

Thank you!

Ek het nie veel om terug te offer nie, maar ek gee graag vir pledges van my trots self gemaakte produkte, ek sal hulle mooi verpak en stuur met liefde na u toe. Baie dankie vir u ondersteuning.

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