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School Bits was created to help kids with low or no resources to have a better school experience.


We will constantly launch projects to aid as many kids as we can in Primary schools in Atlantis. The current project goal is to provide 50 kids with a school kit containing a back pack and a school uniform (shoes, pants, two shirts, two pairs of socks and a sweater).

We will gather a list of candidates by approaching the schools principals and teachers and ask them to help us identify kids that can be benefited from this project since school teachers see the real conditions in which the kids come to school every day.



Each raising funds campaign will run for two to three months and we will do our best to reach the target. If the target is not reached in this period we will randomly select the kids that will receive the school kits that we can obtain according to the funds raised during this period of time.

If we raise funds above the target we will use the remainder funds to further supply the same kids with as many academic kits as possible. Each academic kit will consist of 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, 2 erasers, 1 color pencils pack, 1 Pritt, 1 ruler, 1 cello tape and 3 plastic rolls and it will be given in a random selection.


We will deliver different types of gratification packages, from hand written gratification letters to photographic and video material of the delivery ceremony of the kits as a reward to our contributors.

We believe we can make a difference if we focus on our kid’s education because the future rest on their shoulders. We can all help bit by bit!

  • GOAL
  • Deliver 1 School Kit to 50 kids from 3 primary schools
  • Raise Funds equal to R40,000
  • Three months from December 2016


We have the following rewards per donation

  • ZAR: 250 Electronic Gratification Letter.
  • ZAR: 500 Electronic Gratification letter plus Photographic Set.
  • ZAR: 1000 Handwritten Gratification letter plus Photographic Set plus a Video of the delivery event.
  • ZAR: 2000 Handwritten Gratification letter plus Photographic Set plus Gratification Video and Invitation to the delivery event.

Hermes Primary School

Hermes Primary School

Grosvenor Primary School

Grosvenor Primary School

Saxon Sea Primary School

Saxon Sea Primary School

For more information, please visit our School Bits website!

Thank you so much for supporting our exciting crowdfunding campaign!

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The Project FAQs

Q: How do I know if the project is legit?

A: You can visit for more information and you can contact the Primary schools involved in this project, you can find their contact details in our website. You can also feel free to contact School Bits at anytime.

Q: Where do I check the progress?

A: You can follow the progress in our blog page, our facebook page and on twitter where we will keep everyone posted and up to date.

Q: What happens if the funds target is not reached?

A: We will use the funds to provide as many kids as possible with the School Kits.

Q: What happens if the fundraising surpass the target?

A: We will use the remainder of the funds to provide the kids with an academic kit consisting of 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, 2 erasers, 1 color pencils pack, 1 Pritt, 1 ruler, 1 cello tape and 3 plastic rolls to further assist their schooling.

Q: Can I help in different ways?

A: Of course you can. If you cannot support us financially you can help us by spreading the word with your friends through social media and any other way you think could help.

Q: Where the School Kits will be delivered?

A: We are currently contacting various civic centers in Atlantis to allow us to use their facilities for the delivery event and if unsuccessful we will deliver the School Kits at the primary school premises. We will post the place and time in all our social media channels.

Q: Where are the primary schools?

A: All the primary schools are in Atlantis, Cape Town. You can find their details in our website.

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