School Bits' Projects

School Bits

School Bits was created to help kids with low or no resources to have a better school experience. We will constantly launch projects to aid as many kids as we can in Primary schools in Atlantis.

School Bits is formed by concerned parents that had witnessed the impact on kids that live in areas with scarce financial resources such as Atlantis and we just want to find a way to help our community’s youth to at least have the very basic needs to attend school. In many cases kids cannot attend school without a uniform since the uniform is required by most schools and in most cases kids go to school with under and oversized or raged clothes and shoes and this make kids feel different and insecure and run the risk of being bullied or at least stereotyped thus distracting their minds from focusing on class losing the opportunity to realize their true potential and resulting in low grades, furthermore such situations diminish the children's ability to develop a healthy self esteem and creates insecurities rendering our youth as easy targets for gangster activities, drugs and alcohol abuse.