Pre-Project Advisory Service

The important first step

Hello Jumpstarter User, Founder of a Future Unicorn

I am super excited that you have arrived here and taken the next step to building an empire. This enthusiasm and commitment that drove you to find out about crowdfunding, to find Jumpstarter Crowdfunding (Jumpstarter), and to pluck up the courage to click on this link already sets you apart.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

You have begun that journey of doing. But there is a lot of hard work ahead.

The beginning of our Partnership

About 90% of small businesses fail. That is a fact. I am Gareth Bleazard, and I am running this Pre-Project Advisory service on Jumpstarter in order to assist and guide you through this hard work so, hopefully, your idea succeeds.

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” – Colin R, Davis

I am here to help you navigate the paths.

Initial steps: You have found me through Jumpstarter, and I am aligned to Jumpstarter in order to assist you to raise crowdfunding through its excellent platform. However, the first step is to ensure the timing is right for your business or idea to raise funding, and, if so, if crowdfunding is the correct option.

  • Option A – If the timing is right, we will begin preparation for crowdfunding through Jumpstarter.
  • Option B – If not we will work to get the business ready for crowdfunding through jumpstarter.

Potential work performed:

  • Option A – This can include – assistance in defining / refining the business or idea; understanding the size of the opportunity (TAN, SAM, SOM); analysis of formation of a business plan; assistance in preparation of pitch materials; assistance in understanding valuation and funding requirements; assistance in structure and formation of company; etc.
  • Option B – This could include everything in Option A as well as preparing a plan to crowdfunding (which will be dependant on the specifics of what is required).

Either way the following will be the next steps:

  1. Provide you protection for your idea: Download the Mutual Confidentiality and Non-Circumvention Agreement, complete it and sign it, and mail it to preproject@jumpstarter.co.za for my countersignature and return.
  2. Have an initial engagement: Send me a detailed description / as much detail as possible about your business / idea – the market opportunity you see, the core need you aim to address, the size of the opportunity, etc. – and what stage it is at.
  3. Proposal provided: Post consideration of above (and if there are no conflicts from my side) I will send you a proposal for either option (a) or option (b) above.
  4. Formalise relationship: Once you accept the terms of the service agreement, we will meet (either electronically or in person) to take the conversation forward.
  5. Get to work.

I am here to ensure you take the road to success and believe I have the requisite skills to help you achieve this.

Why I can assist

I am gregarious, a keen learner, and a strong negotiator who is competitive in everything I do. I enjoy problem solving and strategy and I am extremely interested in optimising business. I have strong experience in planning and strategy around M&A and capital raise transactions, implementing transactions and post-acquisition integration support, as well as advising and executing balance sheet and debt restructurings.

Further, I have worked on a range of transactions across Africa with transaction sizes from ZAR5m to ZAR102bn and in a range of economic and political climates.

My hope is that my skills will assist in ensuring your business is a huge success. I believe I will make that possible and, hopefully, all involved can make some money out of it.

Aligning interests

This initial engagement will not make either of us rich though – crowdfunding and the work we will do initially will position this business to make a difference and / or lots of money. What we do need to do in our partnership, though, is to make sure that interests are aligned from the beginning. This will ensure that we are both working towards success for the business.

This will be achieved through the fee structure which will be structured dependent on the envisaged relationship and work to be performed going forward and could either be a (i) success fee (on successful capital raise) of up to 5% of the total capital raised (with potential for upside / downside dependant on valuation achieved); (ii) equity in your business; or (iii) a combination of both. This will be detailed and agreed in the proposal provided to you post initial discussion on your business and understanding of the path to success.

Sign up right away. You have got way more to gain than to lose!

Kind regards,