Pre-Project Advisory Service

Jumpstarter Crowdfunding is delighted to introduce Marthin Laubscher – the mastermind behind the new Pre-Project Advisory Service we’re offering to project creators.

His aim, like ours, is to help you make the absolute most of your ideas so we can all find success together.

Projects aimed at bringing technology products and services to market would benefit most from the Pre-Project Advisory Service.  On Jumpstarter, you get to involve Marthin in your project right from the very start, yet you’d pay for the service only once your project reaches its funding goal.

However, Marthin is old enough to speak for himself, so we’ll let him get on with that.

“Hello Jumpstarter User,

“Of many dreams, a few’d come true – the difference lies in me and you. Play it well, and your’s will too!”

I’m Marthin Laubscher – the “brains” of this here Pre-Project Advisory Service on Jumpstarter Crowdfunding.

You, if my information is correct, came to Jumpstarter because among the many ideas you’ve had which fizzled out, you’ve brewed up this one idea that’s too bright to fail.

Good for you. It might not happen exactly like that for you. It rarely does. The dreams that do come true tends to be the ones you dream often enough and freely enough for it to morph into action and reality.

What makes the difference?

That enthusiasm and commitment that drove you to find out about crowdfunding, to find Jumpstarter and to pluck up the courage to click on the Start button – that makes all the difference.

Well, that and what Jumpstarter Pre-Project Advisory Service offers to help you do – to shape and hone that idea until (on their own or as part of a bigger project,) your dreams and ideas have the best possible chance of success.

“It’s about the money. There I’ve said it, cause let’s face it, that is what it boils down to, isn’t it? Jumpstarter and I, both want you, and your project, to make us all some money.

Here’s the deal: Provided you do stick to only using the Jumpstarter Crowdfunding site and community for your crowdfunding, you won’t owe me a cent until a project you’re involved in gets fully funded on Jumpstarter.

The precondition is just to make it a little harder for crooks to circumvent the deal, so it won’t affect you, now would it? Don’t worry, should we decide to reach for funding beyond Jumpstarter Crowdfunding, we’ll negotiate to do that via Jumpstarter Chief Operations Director and the management team. They too are incredibly open-minded and strive for your success.

Your mind is likely racing with questions already. Can you trust me with your ideas? How would you benefit? How do we get started? What work will I be doing? What would be required of you? How much will it cost? Why am I even doing this? Allow me to deal with those as swiftly as possible.

Can you trust me with your ideas?

“Yes, sure!” would be a true, yet meaningless answer, coming from me. You need concrete reasons you can understand, don’t you? Well, here are some:

  • I have more big and brilliant ideas of my own than I have the time, energy and money to pursue. I have no motive for abducting yours.
  • Stealing or leaking your idea(s) would ruin my integrity and with that, my chances of bringing my big ideas to market. Such a risk wouldn’t make financial sense.
  • We’d have a solid contract, a mutual confidentiality and non-circumvention agreement by which I could be held liable if I leak your ideas or foolishly decide to compete with you.
  • If physical work is required after an initial assessment, that would be under cover of a service agreement which will describe costs to you if you succeed and penalties on me should I be dishonest.
  • If you believe your idea might be so big and bright that it might tempt me to steal it anyway and face the consequences, then you have the option of paying for my services upfront to cement in place large penalties.
  • Jumpstarter Crowdfunding knows me, and vouches for me.

I evidently have no hesitation making any reasonable commitment to put your mind at ease so we can have an honest and open discussion about your ideas and the market and related factors. I cannot do my work here if you’re holding back on crucial information. It’s in both our interest that we establish an absolute trust even if it were to involve serious contracts, lawyers and money.

How would you benefit?

I’ll make this clear: You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If I cannot add value to your idea or help you shape it into something that has an excellent chance to succeed in crowdfunding and the market you wish to sell into, I will not hesitate to tell you that.

If I’m keen to invest my time into your would-be project, there must be something to work with. Else I’d be wasting my time, and worse, I’d be wasting your enthusiasm, energy and commitment to your own success.

Let’s face it, once you’ve exhausted the opinions of the people close to you whom you can trust implicitly with your brave plans for conquering the world, you’re alone out there in a harsh world. Normally the people who really can “judge” your idea, are not your friends. Yet they expect you, often brazenly so, to share your idea with them before they even contemplate binding themselves to any type of non-disclosure.

The onus rests squarely on you to somehow protect your idea with a patent or other form of copyright before you share it without a watertight agreement in place. But to nurture each of your ideas to the point where they can be described well enough for such protective mechanisms to work, is hard and expensive work. Too much for most ideas, especially ones that has not been back and forth through the mill a few times. You need plenty of feedback from potential customers, or before you have something you can show customers, from someone objective and experienced enough to foretell what customers will respond to and what will fall on deaf ears.

But I can, and undertake to, do more than just that. In keeping with the proxy customer metaphor, I undertake to be a dream customer – one that not only buys or not, but one that discusses with you what they would be keen to buy instead.

In addition to being able (and willing) to make some early market projections, I also come with a lifetime of experience and technical prowess for a keen sense of how much effort and money is likely to be required by specific products. That already powerful combination is rounded off even more wickedly by having a seemingly bottomless pit of additional ideas, twists and innovations to draw from. What I add to your idea from that well is yours, for keeps. If in my opinion your idea would work best in conjunction with another idea I also work with, I will discuss that with both you and the other party before revealing anything to either.

Evolution is about adapting to an environment. The benefit you get for working with me is to allow your idea to evolve quickly in response to an ever-changing market place before the marketplace and the competition gets as much as a whiff of what you’re up to. It’s priceless advice, and an absolute bargain at the single digit percentages I charge. With the guarantee I offer, it is a deal you cannot possibly pass on.

All we need is for your idea to be slightly more than a brain fart, your enthusiastic energy and firm commitment to choose success over ego.

Getting only a portion of an actual amount of income beats keeping all of nothing for yourself.

How do we get started?

  1. Download the [Mutual Confidentiality and Non-Circumvention Agreement], complete and sign it and mail it to preproject@jumpstarter.co.za. I’ll countersign it and email you a copy. Once you receive that, you would send me whatever description of the idea you’ve had, the market opportunity you see, and/or the core need/desire you aim to address. (Even if it’s only your personal need to try make a living, that’s also OK, provided I know about it).
  2. I will then use that description to gauge if I can reasonably expect to add value and/or I have or don’t have conflicting interests. If I can add value and if it won’t involve conflicting interests, I would make the statement in a proposed high level service agreement for my involvement.
  3. Once you accept the terms of the service agreement, we’ll meet either electronically or in person depending on geographical, technological and financial constraints. My commitment would normally be that you’d never have to pay for the first hour. If in that first hour we both find there to be sufficient substance to the other to warrant a continued engagement, we’ll proceed with further discussions, decisions and supporting tasks we would agree upon.
  4. You have the option of deferring the formal agreements and skipping right to sending me an email explaining the gist of your intended project. Feel free to choose that if you’re just that keen to get any kind of feedback about whether your idea is any good or not. I won’t steal it anyway, and before we’ll get into doing any real work, I would insist on catching up on the paperwork anyway to ensure that neither of us gets done in when you succeed.
  5. I’ve chosen to try and get involved in project ideas as early as possible. Most people, including myself, are extremely protective of their fledgling ideas whilst they are not yet formed well enough to be shown to the public. That’s understandable. In fact, you really should feel protective. If you don’t, your idea likely isn’t viable anyway.
  6. Yet, to add the best value, I need to get right into your thinking while your mind is still open to inputs from other perspectives. That’s why I’ve put such a heavy emphasis on creating an environment where you can share with me your whole, raw ideas, thoughts and insights. I promise to treat them with respect. I promise to share with you my perspectives, insights and consequential fragments of ideas that your ideas trigger on my side. Together we’ll combine the contents of our minds until we jointly come up with an idea that ticks all the boxes for successful crowdfunding. An idea worthy of your most precious enthusiasm, energy and commitment. An idea formulated just right, timed to perfection, and loved at first sight.

What work will I be doing?

What physical work I will be doing depends largely on two things:

  1. What evidently still needs to be done once we’ve spent our first hour in discussion, and
  2. what of such work I am best suited (and that includes most cost-effective) to do.

Largely the value you would, once your project is successfully crowdfunded, end up paying for, is not physical work, but my intellectual property, insight, understanding and contextualised information I would share with you.

What would be required of you?

In short, you will be required to:

  1. take whatever steps you need to get your mind into a place where it is open to discussing your ideas and plans without holding back anything,
  2. enthusiastically seek such conversations,
  3. ensure your mind remains open to consider suggestions objectively even when it feels to you like you’re losing ownership – you’re not, what ideas you get from me are yours while you’re committed to eventually pay for them,
  4. maintain or build upon your levels of enthusiasm, energy and commitment that brought you to Jumpstarter Crowdfunding in the first place, and
  5. have fun doing all the above. Even if it seems to come to naught right now, done right, it could well be to most fun you’ll have in a long while. It sure is for me. Once your project is funded, a great deal of hard work lies ahead and having fun will be second priority for a while.

How much will it cost?

There are two basic options.

  1. A fixed 5% of your crowdfunding GOAL
  2. or 3.5% of TOTAL crowdfunding.

Both coming into effect only once the crowdfunding goal is reached.

In those rare cases where you decide to seek funding elsewhere or have already done so, it is no longer an option to make my fees dependent on a successful Jumpstarter Crowdfunding campaign. In those cases, which will come to light in the contracting phase, a fixed price will be negotiated.

Why am I even doing this?

As a celebrated innovator myself, one with both the strategic and the technical wherewithal to expect to extract maximal value from any idea, the saddest reality I see too much of, is how our most precious commodity gets squandered on poorly managed ideas.

That commodity? Enthusiasm, energy, commitment to pursue prosperity. Many people have some of that at various stages, but the “System” is rigged to suck such life out of anyone who has the slightest chance of competing against it.

My aim, with Jumpstarter Pre-Project Advisory Service, is to channel your enthusiasm, energy and commitment to the pursuit of prosperity and happiness, into ideas with the most potential for success derived from whatever idea sparked it for yourself. For me, this service rolls up into my own grand plan for prospering from what value I add to all and sundry.

The histories of great entrepreneurs and their products have taught us that with commitment great enough to overshadow all fear, even of self-destruction, has often been the key ingredient in those success stories.

If you had such single-minded drive, chances are you’d already have risked life, limb and every penny you could ever earn to pursue whatever product idea you saw fit to take to market.

Instead, you’re here, on Jumpstarter Crowdfunding, looking for a way to take your own bright idea or the gap in the market you’ve seen, to market without the risk of having to sell your future offspring into slavery. You’re here for the alternative. I’m here for the alternative.

We’re both here because we believe, or at least hope for, there to be another way to bring ideas to market. There is, let me tell you. There is. Crowdfunding is that way. Yet, for crowdfunding to work for us, we need to play by the written and unwritten rules of crowds, and therefore also of crowdfunding.


Sign up right away. You’ve got what it takes. I’ll help you make the most of it.


Marthin Laubscher


P.S. What are you still reading this for, let’s get going!