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ALS Industries is a company that is looking into the future of renewable energy and fuels. We are going to be making synthetic fuels made from hydrogen and carbon dioxide which makes the exact chemical formula of petrol and diesel.

This mix of fuel will also reduce carbon dioxide. This will be revolutionary as we will be able to set a price for the fuels as it will not be mined. You as the consumer will pay that price and not deal with the high price fluctuations. This will result in constant production levels and no void in the market. Best of all these alternatives can be directly added to your car without modification saving you the hassle of buying a new car and even a lifestyle change.

Synthetic fuel is made by separating hydrogen from water molecules during this separation we get oxygen as a by-product. And we will get the carbon from the carbon dioxide in the air. From this, we add hydrogen and carbon together to make fuel.


  1. Electrolysis takes place to separate the hydrogen from water. The by-product is hydrogen and oxygen
  2. Air is brought in and carbon capture is done next with a special solution in our air chamber
  3. We add the hydrogen and carbon to make liquid fuel and that is the end of the process

The energy we plan to use during this process is going to be from renewable sources like hydropower.

We are wishing to have liquid fuels in the future and in a clean way. Our fuel will be labeled as green and renewable. We want to do carbon removal. Our first step is to become carbon neutral then we will be going carbon negative. We are saving the planet.

For every $ 1000 US dollars we get, 1 tree will be planted on your behalf and you will be saving planet earth and also restoring forests. Every small amount helps. We saying dollars because it is a world currency but we will convert the rands to dollars.

Below is a very short summary of how the funding will be used and this will be well documented so funders know how the money was utilised. This project will cost billions of dollars. On our website, we have provided our cryptocurrency account details as well for some funders

  1. The first step for us is to buy an existing petroleum company so that have access to infrastructure. Another advantage this will have is that this company will already have its licenses in place.
  2. The next step is to start preparing the manufacturing plant for the integration phase. We will add our technology and processes in this phase. The new facility will take a few months and modifications to existing refineries. We will have an efficient process that we can maximize.
  3. The next step is for us to start production and thereafter supply customers.

This will save the petrol and diesel engines. We will also be continuing our research and development to deliver the best to you. This type of fuel is renewable and will never run out.

We are also developing our carbon capture units to be small enough to be integrated into gas stations to get the additional carbon dioxide out of the environment.  This includes the air and the oceans. We plan to take millions of tons of carbon dioxide out of the environment. This will be a long-lasting project that will help you and generations to come. We will not have to mine for the input materials and therefore not harm the environment. All the resources are abundant and we will never run out of it.

With regards to carbon capture technology, we have different amine solutions. That will capture the carbon dioxide. Every area is different and so will be the amine solution. The needs and uses of the captured carbon will change. For example, we can capture the carbon dioxide and make it into limestone which is used in construction.

In another case, the carbon dioxide is in a liquid form which we can transport back to the refinery and use the carbon in that to make the hydrocarbon fuels. We produce the fuel and afterward take the carbon back.

With our hydrogen production, we can also supply fuel to hydrogen-powered cars once we get the infrastructure correctly in place as hydrogen is very volatile.

This will also save the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people within the fuel retail industry like the truck drivers and fuel attendants and also people working at the petroleum plants. It will also save the jobs of people who make or maintain internal combustion engines.

In these acquisitions, we will be looking to repurpose refineries into producing these fuels for the future. We will be using old infrastructure and giving it new life again. This will help us save the environment as we will not have to clear land which damages the precious environment and reusing the infrastructure will result in the best experience for customers to get the fuel and also at an affordable rate. This innovation will impact everyone in a positive way.

The world still needs fuels like petrol and diesel and we will supply them with your help. We shall succeed in this venture and give people the choice of either gasoline or electric cars. In doing this you will have the freedom of choice and not have this right taken away from you like most governments are doing by banning petrol-powered cars and stopping production and also the tax implication governments have set out which is not fair.

We aim to deliver the public high-quality fuel with your help to get us up and running at maximum efficiency. With us getting crowd-funded it will be easier for us to give all the people good quality at the cheapest possible price.

In some parts of the world if we transition to electric-powered cars then the emissions will be worse as some places only use coal for electricity generation. Also, people who live off-grid will have a hard time without gasoline to run their generators


Pledge R5000 for Reward #1  

  • 1 tree will be planted in your name to help reduce carbon dioxide and it will sustain the environment
  • You will be able to see it on our website and YOUR name will appear there

Pledge R9000 for Reward #2  

  • 2 trees will be planted in your name to help reduce carbon dioxide and it will sustain the environment
  • You will be able to see it on our website and YOUR name will appear there

Pledge R13000 for Reward #3  

  • 3 trees will be planted in your name to help reduce carbon dioxide and it will sustain the environment
  • You will be able to see it on our website and YOUR name will appear there
  • Other donations we get will be added together till we get 1000 dollars and the rest of the trees will be planted for every 1000 dollars received

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Project FAQ

Who are we?

  • ALS Industries is a company based in South Africa.
  • The CEO is Akhil Sookrajh and he had a dream to make petrol and diesel renewable.
  • When Akhil finished grade 12 he went to university and on the side started trying to develop fuel to be renewable, and now that he has succeeded, Akhil wants to make it for everyone to use at a low affordable price.

Where are we based?

  • Johannesburg in South Africa

Why crowdfunding?

  • We see crowdfunding as a way to raise capital for this business expansion as a good way that will keep the price of the fuel down.
  • This business is here to serve you. This also gives us a great way to interact with the people and see what the community thinks of our business.

What will happen with the funds?

  • We will be looking to buy an old refinery and turn that into a green petrol and diesel plant

Why is the project Billions but the crowdfunding amount is R100,000?

  • This figure of R 100,000 was used so we can get funded because all small amounts help us to work towards the goal even if we need a change of plans we have the capital to help us along
  • This is just a figure and of course we can still go way above that

How do I know the trees will be planted?

  • We will show proof of this on our website

How will this project help me?

  • Petrol and diesel are used everywhere and with us being able to produce the fuel without mining the price can be constant.
  • It will make your life better and easier as they will be no lifestyle change with electric cars and any other uses you have.

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