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The only touchless switch in the world that will prevent the spread of the virus.

100% anti-bacterial and no electromagnetic pollution!


EDEL SMART SWITCH starts in 2012 on the French Riviera where a team of passionate researchers set out to develop a switch that everybody thought an impossibility, a switch of the future.

They set out to give life to a first-ever invisible no-contact switch.

The specifications were such that electronic engineers thought it an impossible task.

We wanted a product that did not emit any waves, as today’s household is charged with electromagnetic pollution, we did not want to add to that…

We wanted a product that did not need any energy,

A switch that could be placed behind any material of any thickness, making it thus invisible.

Most of all a switch that could replace an existing toggle switch without any particular modification!

The task was demanding, countless trials and failures, over half a million euro invested, five years later we proved to the world that it was not impossible.


EDEL is a unique switch, its performances are not matched by any other product in the world today.

We exceeded the specifications set out in 2012.

To this day more than a thousand switches have been manufactured and tested in households, medical fields, handicapped environments, and insecurity.

Today we bring the sole solution 100% anti-bacterial that will help fight Covid.

Patents have been granted in France, the USA, Australia, and South Africa.

We have relocated to South Africa because of the lower costs of manufacture, resulting in a more affordable end product, making it available for a wider market.

But we need your help. Covid has had a toll on everyone and trying to launch a successful product during such times is no easy task. The money you invest will go toward setting up larger manufacture so we can meet the demand for these switches.


  • Pledge R100 = Reward #1! A fan of EDEL
    • Thank you for being a supporter of the project.
    • If you are interested we would like to acknowledge your contribution on our website including a photograph of yourself!
  • Pledge R400 = Reward #2! EDEL switch
    • You'd be the proud owner of the unique EDEL smart switch at a special discounted price which normally retails for R700 and will be delivered ready to install with relative instructions included in the box!
  • Pledge R550 = Reward #3! Customized EDEL switch
    • You'd be the proud owner of a unique EDEL smart switch at a special discounted price which normally retails for R800 & will be delivered ready to install with relative instructions included in the box!
    • You get to supply the image of your choosing or if you email us and choose from our gallery!
  • Pledge R2000 = Reward #4! Visit the Showhouse
    • Visit the Showhouse: a B&B weekend stay (3 nights) at the home of the founder, completely outfitted with and showcasing the many applications of the switches.
    • Booking dates to be emailed personally!

We also believe it is only fair that we give the people the opportunity to own a part of the future

So join me and turn on the future.

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Project FAQ

Who is the team?

What is the business name?

  • Robair Tech (Pty) Ltd

Where are we based?

  • 23 Anchorlane, Admiral Island, Port Owen, 7365, Velddrif

Why Crowdfunding?

  • To appeal to the public interest as a way to raise capital to fund the production of switches.

What is the plan once 100% funding is received?

  • We will launch our production to meet the increased demand of switches as a result of their anti-bacterial properties in relation to the Covid outbreak.

What guarantee can be expected?

  • The minimum time before failure is 100 000 activations which correspond to about 10 years of normal household usage, also, there is a 2-year guarantee on an exchange basis.

What are the different models the switch is available in?

  • ON/OFF
  • Impulsion
  • Two-way
  • Timer
  • Dimmer
  • Double
  • Triple

Can these be customized?

  • Yes, the client can choose a picture or image of his liking to be applied to the faceplate of the switch.

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