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Expertise in aquatic veterinary medicine is a scarce skill in South Africa and the region.

There are currently no (or near) equivalent courses to AQUAVET in Africa let alone SA.

AQUAVET II is a reputable course based in the USA for veterinarians and veterinary students, where veterinarians/students from all over the world meet to receive education and experience through world-renowned experts.

AQUAVET® II is a natural extension of the basic course AQUAVET® I which I completed last year.


The focus of AQUAVET® II is narrower, allowing a more detailed look at specific areas of aquatic animal medicine for students and veterinarians interested in continuing in the field.


More recently, AQUAVET® II has been presented as a two-week course on the pathology and histopathology of selected aquatic invertebrate and vertebrate species of importance as biomedical research models.

AQUAVET® II courses are expected to continue evolving in response to the need for focused educational opportunities in aquatic animal medicine.

The subject matter to be covered include such topics as mariculture, histopathology of marine and freshwater fish, tumor biology of aquatic animals, and husbandry and diseases of ornamental fish.

This course will assist me with my career goal which is a specialisation in aquatic animal health.


  • Reward #1 = Pledge R100
    • Social Media Thank You! 
    • Have you ever had a personalised social media thank you on Facebook?
    • Support this reward and tell me about yourself, your business, and your career/business goal for 2019.
  • Reward #2 = Pledge R200
    • Aquatic-themed Mug!
    • Enjoy YOUR favourite drink in YOUR Aquatic-themed Mug that will also be a prized possession in your kitchen cupboard, study or lounge unit! It will also serve as an ideal gift for a loved one!
  • Reward #3 = Pledge R300
    • UNIQUE Aquavet II T-shirt or Cap!
    • Exclusive T-shirt or Cap will be personally designed by the Aquavet II 2019 class!
    • Send YOUR T-shirt size & YOU will be honoured with a T-shirt all the way from the USA from the prestigious Aquavetters!
    • You have the choice of choosing a T-shirt or Cap!

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Project FAQ

Who am I?

  • I am  Dr Sasha Saugh, a 33-year-old aquatic veterinarian from Durban, South Africa.
  • I enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures; reading; theatre; ocean adventures; and bible studies.
  • I believe that one should pursue one's passions and dreams with relentless perseverance but at the same time with humility.

Where are we based?

  • Aquaglobal Veterinary Consulting (Pty) Ltd, an all aquatic (mobile) veterinary practice targeting the ornamental fish industry and the aquaculture industry in Southern Africa.
  • The practice and base facility will be based in Durban, South Africa.

Why Crowdfunding?

  • It is challenging finding funds for a start-up business in South Africa and I am appealing to kind-hearted individuals to participate in this process to get my practice up and running.
  • It takes a village to make great things happen and each and every person that contributes will form part of the success of this practice!

What is the plan once 100% funding is received?

  • This AQUAVET® II course will assist me with my career goal which is a specialisation in aquatic animal health!

The original logo for Aquavet programme,

This is a picture of the students from the Aquavet II 2018 class,

This is the classroom where a large part of the study will be undertaken,