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Dawn Muzik is a Pop and Urban music group bringing people together using the universal language.  We see music as emotions and we tell our story, express ourselves and people can relate as they feel the same.

We require assistance with funds for marketing the music on the international level.  Help us present South African Entertainment to the World. See below for our business plan.

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The Team 

  • Dawn Muzik: Universal Music Subsidiary & Authors.
  • Universal Music Group: Management, PR, Publisher & Marketing Partner.

Our Business Aims

  1. We are songwriters and performance artists wanting to produce, distribute and market our art.
  2. We want to become a Pop and Urban Record Label and sell large units worldwide.
  3. The brand we want to build should affect millions of people and be able to sell out shows and large amounts of merchandise.


  • Our Manager, Ari, has 16 years of music business experience and has helped his clients sell more than 75 million records.
  • The music we make is influential in terms of its message like the Blues, Pop and Jazz that was created by Michael Jackson, Beatles, James Brown, Lionel Richie etc. This is what the people want and artists who make this kind of music sell millions of records and become legends.
  • The genres we do have a large market and this gives us business growth potential.

Our Product 

  • Our product is music and it will be playlisted in Radio’s, licensed for Film and TV, and made available for public performance.
  • We will receive royalties from Universal our Major Label Publisher for the use of the music.
  • Customers will download it from iTunes, Spotify etc.
  • Songs that receive hundreds of plays from radios make it to the bds charts and these songs get gold, platinum, multi-platinum and diamond plaques from RIA.
  • We hire Music Managers/PR Firms to market the music on Major FM, TV and for bookings, Tours etc.


  • The Billboard Charts have an audience of tens of millions of people around the world.
  • The Pop and Urban Billboard Top 40 Charts have more than 100 million people.
  • Billboard charts:
    • http://charts.bdsradio.com/bdsradiocharts/charts.aspx?formatid=1
    • http://Charts.bdsradio.com/bdsradiocharts/charts.aspx?formatid=5
  • The BET TV also has tens of millions of urban music fans around the world.


The size of our market in Pop is an audience of more than 90 million.

Whilst for Urban music it is an audience of more than 25 million.



Our Competition 

Latest Releases are from Major Labels, although these releases are new after 10 weeks they start to decline from airplay and sales. This opens opportunities for us to release as most people would have already bought the competition's music.

Major Labels have certain platforms that they prefer not or to exclusively release to e.g Sean Carter only releases on Tidal and this is great for us as our music is available in all major stores worldwide. Tidal is not available in African Countries and we have released on platforms supported in Africa and this gives us a great advantage.

The BET and Billboard platforms both have an audience of millions and so we have a huge market.

The Business Model 

Revenue will be generated from Billboard, iTunes, Spotify, Tours, Merchandise etc.

Artists who have charted on the Billboard Top 40 have sold gold, platinum, multi-platinum from 1 month to a year. As the audience reaches 25 million we should sell hundreds to millions of downloads. We will also sell tickets and merchandise on tour.  Publishers also pay for radio airplay.

Billboard sales charts: www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100


  • Please Pledge R500 for Your FREE Music Catalog Download!
  • Please Pledge R1000 for Your FREE Music Catalog Download + T-Shirt!
  • Please Pledge R5000 for Your FREE Music Catalog Download! + T-Shirt + FREE Ticket to Tour Show!
    • Our agents will book us once the music is confirmed.
    • During the Tour, we will visit the cities of the people who funded us!

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Project FAQ

Why did you pick this idea to work on?

  • I picked this idea because of my love for music and the desire to create influential artists. When we play for people they say our music is good as the music from artists on TV and the radio and this keeps us in this business.
  • Also, we see other major record labels selling gold, platinum and multi-platinum plaques and so we see that this industry has a huge market and potential business growth.

What's your domain expertise in this area?

  • My Expertise : Bcom, Accounting, Business Systems, Social Media, Distro, Computer Science, Marketing

Traction: What are your business results and KPIs?

  • Cost Per Action (CPA) in Urban Music: $300000/30000000 = $0.001
  • Active Customer Base in Urban and Pop: More than 120 000 000 Total Billboard audience.
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for three years: ARPU = Total Revenue / Number of Buyers = $10 000 000/ 1000000 = $10
  • Churn and Life time Value (LTV) : Lifetime Value = Gross Margin % X ( 1 / Monthly Churn ) X Avg. Monthly Subscription Revenue per Customer
  • So, for example, if we had a gross margin of 75% and monthly customer churn of 2%, and each customer spent an average of $40 with us every month, the calculation would look like this: 75% X ( 1 / 2% ) X $40 = $1,500 LTV

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