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I started Die Seephuis in 2021 as a sideline business to complement my current income as a Performance Coach. In 2023, I decided to put all my effort into the business as a result of the lead-up to the upcoming elections, where I saw a lot of hate and division being sown among people.

We have such a beautiful country with amazing people, but very few see that. I’ve decided to use this business to tell the stories of ordinary South Africans, places, and events. This is an adventure and an opportunity to walk with us ‘padlangs’ to explore our beautiful country and to allow our children’s children to learn the rich tapestry and history of South Africa and its people through our products.


I have hired a brand strategist to help me with the branding and also to be able to export the product in the future. They were kind enough to start with the Brand Strategy and Mood Boards at a discounted price for me.

My next step now is to get funding for the finalization of the brand, the design of the logo, brand messaging, packaging, and the revamp of my website.


I dream of setting up a small manufacturing site where I can hire people previously written off in society. With my background, I can teach them skills, develop them, and help them to create a sustainable income for themselves.

If we can support one household to create an income and teach them how to grow the income and wisely spend the income, then we can take someone out of poverty, one person at a time.

The purpose of the business will always be to uplift people, and we are already partnering with our church to support them with resources to fulfill the humanitarian work they do in South Africa.



We are internal optimists focusing on extracting the good instead of the negative.


We are supportive, show gratitude, and never take the value of resources, communities, and our customers for granted.


We walk through our beautiful country and use the tradition of storytelling, which inspires every product.


  • Pledge R200 = Reward #1! Mzansi Magic Sampler

    • An exclusive Product Sampler that includes 2 handmade soaps and 1 sampler
  • Pledge R350 = Reward #2! Lekker Local Luxuries

    • An exclusive, personalized Product Sampler that includes a selection of 2 handmade soaps, a body scrub, and 1 sampler
  • Pledge R500 = Reward #3! Rainbow Nation Retreat

    • An exclusive, personalized product sampler that includes a selection of our bath & body products, including handmade soap, room spray & sugar scrubs
  • Pledge R1000 = Reward #4! Ubuntu Treasure Chest

    • Limited Edition Gift Box Set that includes a selection of our products, personalized with the backer's name or a custom message of your choice
  • Pledge R5000 = Reward #5! Vibrant Veld Voyage

    • Cultural Immersion Package that includes a selection of our products along with artisanal items and delicacies from different regions of South Africa, providing you with a sensory journey through the country’s diverse heritage
  • Pledge R7000 = Reward #6! Safari Soul Session

    • Online motivational talk or workshop: A motivational talk or workshop for your company, where I share my entrepreneurial journey and insights on building a purpose-driven business.
    • I offer you the opportunity to have your name or a personalized message featured on a limited-edition product label
  • Pledge R10,000 = Reward #7! Marula Manifestation Mastery

    • Receive all rewards up to level 5.
    • Motivational Talk or Workshop: A motivational talk or workshop for your company, where I share my entrepreneurial journey and insights on building a purpose-driven business.
    • Customized Product Label: I offer you the opportunity to have your name or a personalized message featured on a limited-edition product label.
    • Sponsorship Recognition: Recognize you as official sponsors of our branding project, with your name or logo featuring on our website, social media, and marketing materials for this project.

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Project FAQ

Who am I?

  • I am Petrolene le Roux, a Mental Performance Coach and Bath and Body Business Owner, who has a dream to help South Africans see the beauty in our diverse country and bring people together with our stories and history.

Where are we based?

  • I am based in Bloemfontein, running my bath and body business currently out of my kitchen.

Why Crowdfunding?

  • I don't qualify for any government or other business grants.
  • The capital for this project will go for the branding of the business.
  • This would include all key visual elements, branding assets, fonts, logos, placeholder templates and colour pallet and Pantone's.
  • Basically everything I will need for Die Seephuis. I am working with a Brand Strategist to support me with the brand journey and set-up of the brand imaging.

What is the plan once 100% funding is received?

  • The graphic designer is ready to start with the project.
  • As a token of goodwill, she has already started and forwarded me some moonboards to look at. She is also a small business, so that will give me the opportunity to support another small business in South Africa.

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