Educating Children In Poor Communities Through Play


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Magwall makes education kits specifically for ECD schools in disadvantaged communities.

The education kit enables children to learn through active participation and play. It contains over 500 magnetic pieces – alphabets, numbers, and symbols; shapes of different sizes and colours; fruit and vegetables; farm & wild animals, pets, sea life, insects; World, Africa, and South Africa map puzzles; seasons; transport; words and emojis.

The education kit comes with a step-by-step teaching guide developed by ECD teachers to meet the early development needs of children – life skills, language, listening, reading and phonics, writing, numbers, counting, sums, patterns, shapes, colours, and emotions.


Early Childhood Development is the all-round development of our children to help them to develop into childhood and adulthood. The emotional, social and physical development of young children has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become..

The reality is that the majority of children enter the school system unprepared for a number of reasons – insufficient funds being spent on ECD; poor or limited programs; no access to ECD.


To provide education kits to 20 ECD schools in disadvantaged communities (20 x R7,000 = R140,000). Any additional funds will enable us to provide more educations kits to schools in need.

The majority of children in South Africa enter the school system unprepared for a number of reasons – no access to ECD; poor or limited programs; insufficient funds being spent on ECD.

In conjunction with ECD teachers, we developed a range of fun, exciting magnetic educational products to help kids in disadvantaged communities learn through active participation.

The education kit:

  • 10 painted boards (900mm x 600mm).
  • 10 painted lapboards (420mm x 300mm).
  • CAPS alphabets, numbers, and symbols (210 pieces).
  • Shapes set: Circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals, and stars of different sizes and colours (70 pieces).
  • Animals’ sets: Farm animals, wild animals, pets, insects, sea life (60 pieces).
  • Fruit and vegetable set (24 pieces)
  • Map puzzles: World, Africa and South Africa (72 pieces)
  • Seasons (8 pieces)
  • Transport (20 pieces)
  • Words (22 pieces)
  • Emojis (20 pieces)

Over 500 pieces.


  • Pledge R1500 = Reward #1 - Magnetic dominoes set valued at R230
  • Pledge R2500 = Reward #2 - Magnetic puzzle on pre-painted magnetic board valued at R305
    • Choose from Fireman, Princess, or Under-the-sea puzzles!
  • Pledge R4500 = Reward #3 - Magnetic products to value of R675
    • Choose any magnetic products on www.magwall.co.za to the value of R500!
  • Pledge R7000 = Reward #4! - Magnetic products to value of R1000
    • Choose any magnetic products on www.magwall.co.za to the value of R750!

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Project FAQ

Who are we?

  • I am Mike McLennan, the founder of Magwall
  • The objective is to impact children through teaching and training caregivers in informal ECD sectors to aid the development of the children in their care.

Where are we based?

  • Capricorn Park, Muizenberg, South Africa

Why Crowdfunding?

  • Because I have tried raising funds from Corporate CSI funds without success and there is a desperate need for education material throughout South Africa.

What is the plan once 100% funding is received?

  • To distribute educations kits to identified ECD schools in poor communities.
  • If successful, we will start another funding campaign for more education kits!

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