Empower Lala Cute: Bringing Handcrafted Magic to Massmart/Makro with GS1 Barcodes!


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Hello, lovely supporters! I'm Renette Haramis, the proud owner of Lala Cute Pty Ltd, a unique and enchanting handmade polymer clay jewelry company. But that's not all – I'm also a successful Romance Author, weaving tales of love and passion.

We're on the brink of something incredible – showcasing our enchanting handmade polymer clay jewelry with the approval of Massmart/Makro. But here's where you come in!

On Jumpstarter, I'm seeking your support to secure GS1 Barcodes, a crucial step in bringing our unique creations to a wider audience. Your contribution not only makes our dream a reality but also supports a South African family navigating homeschooling challenges. Let's make Lala Cute a household name together. Your support on Jumpstarter means the world to us!

About Lala Cute Pty Ltd

At Lala Cute, we specialize in creating handmade polymer clay jewelry that's not just an accessory; it's a work of art. Each piece is meticulously crafted using a Proudly South African polymer clay brand, ensuring quality and uniqueness.

What sets us apart is our commitment to offering a personalized touch – all our items are made to order, and we happily ship nationwide. We've even been given the exciting opportunity to showcase our creations with Massmart/Makro, and now we need your help to get our handmade cuties into the market.

The Crowdfunding Mission

We're launching a crowdfunding campaign on Jumpstarter Crowdfunding to raise funds for GS1 Barcodes, a crucial step in listing our products with Massmart/Makro. These barcodes, while essential, come with a hefty price tag.

Your support will not only help us bring our charming creations to a broader audience but also contribute to the success of a homegrown business.

Why Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry?

Lala Cute was born out of necessity and creativity. As a mom homeschooling both of my kids in the Western Cape Province, finding suitable schools proved challenging.

Amid these challenges, I decided to turn my artistic flair into a business. Lala Cute became more than just a source of extra income; it's a way for me to balance the demands of homeschooling and work while doing something I love.

Our Unique Approach:

  • Handmade on Order: Each piece is crafted with care, ensuring that our customers receive a one-of-a-kind creation.
  • Proudly South African: We use locally sourced polymer clay, supporting our vibrant arts and crafts community.
  • Nationwide Shipping: From Cape Town to Pretoria, we bring a touch of Lala Cute magic to doorsteps across the country.
  • Custom Orders Welcome: We love turning your ideas into wearable art – your imagination is our inspiration.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

Your support of our Jumpstarter Crowdfunding project means more than just helping a business; it's about fostering creativity, empowering a family, and contributing to the growth of handmade craftsmanship in South Africa.

Together, let's make Lala Cute a household name!


  • Reward #1 = "Charm Seeker" - R200 or more:

    • A heartfelt thank-you email from Renette Haramis, expressing gratitude for your support.
    • Digital access to Renette's Bestselling romance novel. ''Androgynous Love''
  • Reward #2 = "Artisan Admirer" - R500 or more:

    • A personalized digital thank-you card featuring a unique Lala Cute design.
    • Your choice of any one Polymer Clay piece on the online store, allows you to order one handcrafted polymer clay jewelry piece of your choice, you only pay the delivery.
    • Exclusive digital download of a step-by-step guide to crafting your polymer clay charm at home.
    • Digital access to Renette's Bestselling romance novel. ''Androgynous Love''
  • Reward #3 = "Magic Maker" - R1000 or more:

    • A beautifully crafted Lala Cute polymer clay keychain and Jewellery piece of your choice from our website, shipped to your doorstep.
    • Your name is featured on the "Magic Makers" section of the Lala Cute website as a special supporter.
    • Access to an exclusive 1-hour online workshop hosted by Renette, where she shares her polymer clay crafting tips and tricks.
    • Digital access to Renette's Bestselling romance novel.''Androgynous Love''
  • Reward #4 = ''Elite Enchanter" - R2000 or more:

    • A stunning, limited-edition Lala Cute polymer clay necklace and earring set, uniquely designed for Elite Enchanters, shipped to your doorstep.
    • Personalized thank-you video message from Renette, giving you an insider's look at the inspiration behind the exclusive jewelry set.
    • Access to an exclusive 1-hour online workshop hosted by Renette, where she shares her polymer clay crafting tips and tricks.
    • VIP early access to new Lala Cute collections for the next two years, ensuring you're among the first to own the latest handmade treasures.
    • Your name is prominently featured in the credits of Lala Cute's upcoming promotional video, acknowledging your elite support in bringing this dream to life.
    • A signed copy of Renette's Bestselling romance novel.''Androgynous Love''

Thank you for being a part of our story and for helping us bring a little more charm and sparkle into the world.

With gratitude, Renette Haramis Owner, Lala Cute Pty Ltd

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Project FAQ

FAQs for Supporters on Jumpstarter:

What happens if the funding goal isn't reached?

  • If the funding goal isn't reached, all contributions will be refunded, and the project won't proceed.
  • Your support is vital in making Lala Cute a reality, so please spread the word!

How will I receive updates on the project's progress?

  • Regular updates will be posted on the Jumpstarter page.
  • Additionally, supporters will receive email notifications and exclusive content related to the campaign.

Can I choose different polymer clay designs for the reward tiers?

  • For simplicity and to ensure timely delivery, reward tiers offer specific designs.
  • However, we'll consider feedback and aim to incorporate more choices in future campaigns.

When will I receive my rewards?

  • Estimated delivery times are specified in each reward tier description.
  • We're committed to providing timely updates, and we anticipate fulfilling rewards as soon as production and shipping allow.

Can I increase my pledge after contributing?

  • Absolutely! You can adjust your pledge amount at any time during the campaign.
  • Simply log in to your Jumpstarter account and modify your contribution.

How do I attend the exclusive online workshop for "Magic Makers"?

  • Detailed instructions and access links for the workshop will be sent directly to "Magic Maker" supporters via email.
  • Make sure to check your inbox for updates closer to the scheduled date.

What if I have additional questions or concerns?

  • Feel free to reach out to us directly through the Jumpstarter messaging system.
  • We appreciate your engagement and are here to address any queries you may have.
  • Thank you for being a part of the Lala Cute journey!

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