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The explainer video will be used as part of our customer acquisition process on our first project outside South Africa;

  • Building a 1MW solar energy microgrid at a residential estate of 400 duplex houses.


  • To show how we will solve the pain of the customer, which is a lack of reliable electricity supply (less than 4 hours of electricity from the grid daily.)
  • The video helps us educate the client on how to use our web-based platform.
  • It is also a potent customer acquisition, conversion, and branding tool.
  • Most importantly, it helps validate our business offering through the metrics we will build. This is our core goal for this project.

This video is being developed for an African market that has 180 million people with more than 75% of the population having no access to regular electricity supply.

A 90-second animated explainer video will help us show how we will solve a real problem. It is part of our customer acquisition tool for acquiring new customers.

It allows us to educate and show in a simple and easy to understand way how we will solve their pain.

It also helps us validate our idea/product to see whether we even have a viable business case or not.

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The Project FAQs

What is an Explainer Video?

  • A short, informative and engaging video that conveys a message (or messages) in an entertaining and compelling way.

Why do you need a video?

  • We are getting into a new market outside South Africa, and our goal is to show the target customers why and how we will solve their pain.
  • To do this can only be effective through a video that is concise, informative and can be shared virally.
  • The video also helps us in building metrics and data we need to validate our product offering and customer engagement.

How big of an impact is an explainer video?

  • The simple reason would be because, a video will capture our viewer’s attention for longer periods of time, this will help increase our conversion rates. Other reasons include:

    • Videos are shared 1200% more times than links and text combined (Orion 21)
    • Having video on the landing page of your site makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google (Mist Media)
    • 70% of marketing professionals believe that video converts better than any other medium (MarketingProfs)

Why does the explainer videos appear to be pricey?

  • The figure shown for this project is the actual cost quoted to us by the digital agency in Johannesburg.
  • Part of the reason behind the pricing we are made to understand stems from the amount of effort and from the quality of equipment used in these productions.

Can I follow through on the result of this project?

  • Absolutely! In fact, we believe if we can raise the money for this video, you are actually a stakeholder in the project and we would like you to follow through to see the video yourself and to see what impact we have been able to achieve with it in our new market.

You can follow through via:

  • Email: or follow us on
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