Guinness World Record For Most Anthology Authors!

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We have some fantastic news on a new Guinness World Record attempt by us!!

In April, we put in an attempt request for the Most authors contributing to an anthology of short stories. Guinness World Record advised that they have approved the request! We may proceed in our attempt to break the current record of 50 writers.

Let us not leave it to chance that someone can beat us too easily! We set the bar at 100 writers, although we can obtain more than that if possible. 100 is just the minimum for our record.

We need to do a live event here in South Africa on the day that we attain the record. We are planning live photography and filming. There are negotiations underway for a location for the event. We will announce details once it is officially established.

We discussed sponsorship with our partners so we are hoping to have some of their merchandise available at the site. Local newspapers and radio stations are contacting us to officially cover the event.

We already have 100 writers in our official closed FB group meant only for the record writers! We also have a separate official facebook page for the event.


The Argus interviewed us on the attempt in the local newspaper. It is available in print and online.

On the 14 July 2017, eNCA tv news for Africa interviewed member, Shaun Jooste over Skype to briefly discuss the attempt. Shaun has requested a copy of the footage and will include it here once available! This week he is expecting a radio interview, as well as an interview with the City of Cape Town local government newsletter!


We are set to break this record! Everything is running smoothly so far. One of the requirements as stipulated by Guinness is the only challenge. We have to print and sell 1000 copies. Then we can verify the record.

Now, to print so many copies is no easy task and requires a tremendous amount of capital. We've obtained a quote from our preferred for the max size of a 600 A4 page volume, and the printing costs alone are at R200 each. This makes it R200,000 for 1000 copies, which we were hoping to print and have available at the event on 30 September 2017. This excludes other costs, such as postage, event marketing, admin cover charges and any crowdfunding related fees. We also need to make allowance for the unexpected, overhead costs, such as any unforeseen logistics.

We will utilise whatever amount is donated towards getting at least some of the 1000 copies, even if we don't reach the total. Then we can utilise the sales money to obtain the rest of the copies. Every bit helps!


We will identify sponsors in the special Guinness World Record Edition of the Anthology. CEP will publish this version after the record attempt has been verified. based on the level of sponsorship as per the categories listed. Your names as sponsors will also be listed with Guinness to be attached to this record.

Special note: We will be selling at this special price, almost at cost, to be able to reach the 1000 copies!  Thereafter, we will set it to the standard retail selling price, so please make sure you obtain them at these low prices while available.


Please assist us as much as possible in making this dream come true!

It's not just for us, but also for all the writers involved who will also be record holders. We will update this campaign to indicate how many copies can be made available based on the type of pledges chosen. CEP will also indicate how many pledges count towards the 1000 sales needed.

Please visit our website for more details!

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The Project FAQs

How many writers will you have featured in this anthology?

  • We currently have 100 writers, which was our primary goal. The writers are busy writing and 11% have already submitted their stories.

Has this anthology been publicly announced?

When and where will the event take place?

  • We are planning to have the event hosted on 30 September 2017, and the venue is under discussion at the moment with Exclusive Books, hopefully, the Century City Canal Walk venue.

Where are your writers located?

  • From all over the world. We have writers from South Africa, United Kingdom, America, Australia, China.... from all over.

What genre will the anthology feature?

  • We are hosting a variety of genres, based on what the writers prefer.
  • The anthology will be divided by genre, so that those who do not like horror can skip the genre completely.

Why do you need to sell 1000 print copies? What about digital?

  • The Guinness Record rules for this record were very specific. They want 1000 print copies sold to ensure that the book is not just published for the sake of the record and then abandoned.
  • It must be an anthology that must remain in circulation from the date of publishing.
  • We have requested that Guinness consider the ebooks counting towards the final total, and are waiting a response.

How long is each short story?

  • As per Guinness guidelines, each story must be between 3000 - 8000 words.

For how long will the record be kept?

  • Until someone beats our record, this title will remain ours.

Will the Anthology be available to purchase anywhere after the event?

  • We have a wide range of distributors who already circulate our books and anthologies.
  • It will be made available on all popular print and ebook platforms, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Baker & Taylor, Apple iBooks, Gardners,, Groep 7, Smashwords, etc.
  • Once the record has been confirmed, we will be updating the vanilla edition with the special Guinness World Record edition.

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