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I have been in the unfortunate situation of witnessing severe abuse and unnecessary killing of sea turtles.

It's something that's bothered me for a while, so I started looking how I can give my time and knowledge to help protect these creatures from extinction.


I came across IVHQ's volunteer program in Bali Ubud and have now been accepted into their program.

I will be assisting with beach clean-ups, education the local community on conservation and be assisting with waste management during my two weeks there.


However, I've recently been in a car accident, that's now left my finances in a mess and need your help to realise this opportunity for me.


  • Pledge R25 --> This gets you a personal Thank You from me on my Facebook and Twitter pages!
  • Pledge R50 --> This one will YOU will help me clean the beach! I will do a beach clean up for 30 minutes for R50. If you need proof I'll post it on my Facebook and/or Twitter page with a location check-in and pics of what I've collected.
  • Pledge R100 --> For R100 I will make and send YOU a Planter Box made from recycled 2 litre plastic soda bottles! With Bali "branded" on it!

Help me to help them.

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Project FAQ

Where in Bali is the conservation education centre?

  • Nusa Penida

Do you have verification that you are accepted in this program?

  • Yes

How long will you be volunteering for?

  • 2 weeks

Will you be posting on social media?

  • Yes, as soon as my Jumpstarter Crowdfunding is up and running I will open a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter account to show what's happening and what I'm doing for this cause!

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