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The Inner Peace Addiction Treatment Centre is a residential program, with separate homes for women and men, that is run by the registered non-profit: Inner Peace (NPO 092 704), which is led by a volunteer board of directors.

"I walked into inner peace broken and no hope and walked out whole again with lots of hope and faith,I am so grateful for this place it has given me life again to go face the world,one of the best facility I have ever been to in the world and I have been to 4 facilities with the struggle of heroin substance use, I am now a happy child of God and has had the best therapist in the world (Johann) he has taught me so . Much life skills that my own father could never have done and for that I am so grateful for, I don't regret the day I went there for 4 months and got life back" - Anonymous


A full staff of registered clinical therapists, addiction counselors, auxiliary social workers, students (auxiliary social work students, psychology and social work students) and an in-house nurse with accessibility to the best doctors and psychiatrists, who provide the best addiction treatment available.

"Inner peace is a foundation that will change your cogs and change your life forever ,the MRT programme is 100% guaranteed especially if you put in the work , I'm am grateful for everything that inner peace has done for me" - Anonymous


Inner Peace has dedicated itself to ending stigma faced by sufferers of addictions or substance use disorders, along with alleviating the suffering of the impacted families.

As part of this process, Inner Peace has striven to provide an environment that is conducive to change and healing. This requires a recreation space and exercise facility - a space that needs support to be completed and stocked with equipment.


Along with this, we are needing to overhaul the VW Transporter Kombi's engine so that excursions can begin again. These excursions to go hiking, looking at dinosaur fossils, or assisting in community projects or on local farms, are sorely missed.

This project is to raise funds to replace the VW Transporters Kombi's engine and create a recreational space and exercise facility, that helps support people to celebrate life!


Our Kombi needs a new engine, and without it - we are unable to take our clients out:

  • hiking
  • supporting community projects
  • day trips
  • sporting events
  • touring


We have been renovating our recreation centre, to provide a space where people can engage in physical activity, which has scientifically shown to help with health and well-being. We are needing your help to continue renovating this exciting new centre, and be able to purchase the much needed basic equipment. this will allow us to do the following and more:

  • weight training
  • yoga
  • meditation

"NO words can describe the true feeling of Inner Peace...." - Anonymous


All of our donors will be listed on our sponsorship page, on our organisation website ( As part of the listing, you will have the opportunity to have your organisation/personal logo included, and a link to your website.

Rewards are broken into rankings:

  • Bronze
    • Bronze Donors will be listed on the Inner Peace website as Bronze Donors!
  • Silver
    • Silver Donors will be listed on Inner Peace's website as Silver Donors!
  • Gold
    • Gold donors will be listed on Inner Peaces website as Gold Donors!
  • Platinum
    • Platinum donors will be listed on Inner Peaces website as Platinum donors!
  • Treatment Scholarship
    • Through the provision of donations, we believe in giving back.
    • This means that every person who donates R15000, have the opportunity to elect/support an individual is suffering from an addiction or substance use disorder.

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Project FAQ


  • Inner Peace believes in supporting people holistically, and providing all the best scientifically backed approaches to helping people.
  • As part of this, we believe that every person needs to change their identity, and as part of that, we believe each person should be actively engaged in physical exercise, sport and recreation.
  • A recreation centre will be able to provide a space where people can start to learn a new way of living.
  • Engaging in new healthy social behaviors, something that they have lost during their addiction or substance use disorder.
  • We are hoping you can help us give dignity and a new life to those who have suffered and experience social stigma for such a long time.


  • Inner Peace is blessed to have the VW Transporter to be able to take its residents out on day trips and outings.
  • We believe in fixing people, and giving them a second chance or third and more....
  • We feel the same for our vehicle. It will be more cost effective and a better investment in replacing our vehicle's engine then looking into a new one.
  • This we have been told over and over, from all the mechanics and dealerships we have approached. We are hoping you can help us give our vehicle a second chance.



  • I am currently the Chairperson of Inner Peace (a NPO), which provides substance use prevention and treatment services, with a special focus on minority groups. It also has the only registered Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Programme in the Northern Cape, South Africa. I am also involved in other non-profit organizations (e.g. Applied Prevention Sciences International) where my work focuses on helping these organizations to improve the professionalization of addiction service providers in South Africa and beyond.
  • I am experienced in workplace interventions addressing various health issues, but especially substance use and HIV/AIDS. I have a special interest in Higher Education and Adult Education, both in face-to-face, blended and online learning.
  • My current interest in the global capacity development of substance use prevention specialists, and am looking into the implementation, and evaluation of the Universal Prevention Curriculum developed by Applied Prevention Sciences International on behalf of the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Department within the State Department and Colombo Plan (the ICCE division).
  • I am dedicated to the success of Inner Peace, since the day I co-founded it, and despite all my commitments, Inner Peace takes a lead in being able to achieve the humanitarian and philanthropic goals I have in life. As part of this, I will be driving the fundraising and collection of donations to be able to Renovate our Recreation Centre and replace the VW Transporter's engine...and more I hope! I appreciate all your help and commitment, and sharing our dream!

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