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1st Pulse Training aims to provide high-quality CPR and first aid training to empower people to assist in times of emergencies, at home, at the office and in their communities.

Having CPR and first aid knowledge and training helps people overcome their fear in an emergency and gets them to act when others won't.


  • 1st Pulse Training is a newly established Cape Town based CPR and first aid training company.
  • It was started by Darryl Betts, an Advanced Life Support paramedic with extensive experience in pre-hospital and remote site emergency medical care.
  • I am passionate about helping people. As a paramedic I am only able to help a few patients at a time. By training people in CPR and first aid I can empower others to help even more people in their time of need.
  • I have often responded to scenes where no bystander CPR has been performed on a victim, even by family members.
  • Knowing that the chance of a successful resuscitation on these patients is minimal is terrible as I know I will then have the heartbreaking job of informing people that their loved ones are dead.
  • These patients chances of survival would have been increased if bystander CPR was performed until professional help arrived.
  • I firmly believe that everyone should be CPR and first aid trained (adults and children) and it's my aim to provide quality training to as many people as possible so that the above scenario doesn't need to happen again.


  1. The aim of this project is to assist in getting funding for the necessary training equipment so that I can begin offering courses.
  2. Equipment includes CPR training manikins, automated external defibrillator trainers and a projector.
  3. If you decide to help with a donation, the value of your pledge will be deducted from the price of an accredited CPR course offered by myself in Cape Town.

Everyone should know how to do CPR and save a life!

It could be your family, friend or colleague in need one day.

If you pledge and attend a CPR course you will learn the lifesaving skills of adult Hands-Only CPR, adult CPR with breaths, child CPR with breaths, adult and child AED use, infant CPR, and mild and severe airway block for adults, children, and infants.

If the campaign is successful I also pledge to offer free CPR training to lifeguards and the NSRI in Cape Town. These people volunteer their time to help others and so I will do the same for them.

Thank you for supporting this exciting crowdfunding project!

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The Project FAQs

Why is it important to learn CPR?

  • Once the heart stops beating, brain death occurs in 4 to 6 minutes.Performing CPR provides oxygen to the brain and other vital organs to give the victim the best chance of full recovery after EMS takes over.If CPR is given within the first four minutes of a cardiac arrest, the chances of survival double.
  • You may save the life of someone close to you. 80% of cardiac arrests happen at home.
  • You'll be smarter. By the end of your class, you'll know more than you did when you started.
  • You'll be more confident to act in an emergency.

What do you receive for your pledge?

  • CPR training and the ability to potentially save a life.
  • The value of your pledge will be deducted from the cost of a CPR course provided by myself in Cape Town.
  • If you are a Discovery Vitality member you will receive 2500 Vitality points on completion of a CPR course.
  • There are a variety of courses suited for the healthcare professional to the layperson.
  • Visit www.1stpulse.co.za to see the courses offered.

When would you receive CPR training?

  • Once the equipment is purchased you will be informed of when classes will be available. You can then attend whenever it suits you.
  • You will have priority when it comes to booking a class.

What will the money be spent on?

  • Adult and infant CPR manikins
  • Automated external defibrillator trainers
  • A projector

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