Louis Botha Childrens Home Greenhouse Vegetable Garden

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Food is a necessity of each and every person on the planet. Some have it easier than others, and that is the core of our project, helping the people who need it most!


The Louis Botha Children’s Home is a Non-Profit Organisation that houses orphaned and protected children. The needs of the children are endless but at the head of this endless necessity, list is food.

Their budget is also a measly R7000 a month which is effectively just not enough to cover the food bill and still have money left for other necessities. That is where we wish to step in and make a difference.

The construction of a greenhouse and a vegetable garden would aid the needs of the children’s home as a sustainable source of produce and in turn, shrink the cost of food.

Food takes up a major part of the already small budget that the administration of the Children’s Home has to use to care for the children and families that act as guardians of the children living in the home.


Erecting a greenhouse has an initial cost burden but due to its sustainable nature, the greenhouse gives back with every basket of produce that is collected from it.

Other sustainable contributions to the project that would also aid the cost-effectiveness of the greenhouse project are the water catchment system, a compost heap, and a seedling section.

Thinking of sustainability on a human level, the addition of education will also be beneficial to the lives of the children that live at the home.

Inspiring the children of the home to grow their own produce might spark the next big idea in agriculture that might be the solution to the food security crisis we’re experiencing in South Africa, better yet the world.


Your contribution to our cause will bring us one step closer to relieving the Louis Botha Children’s home of the burden that the cost of quality, nutritious produce has on their budget also allowing them to focus on different necessities that the children and guardians have.

Thank you for reading and please share the link in order to spread the word and gain more funds!

For Companies wishing to contribute supplies rather than funds, please send us a message in COMMENTS section above!

Thank you!

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Project FAQ

What are the funds going towards?

  • Supplies to build the greenhouse e.g. wooden posts, shade netting, roofing materials, gutter system, rainwater tanks, watering systems,  planters, the compost box, screws, and nails etc..
  • For the Vegetable garden within e.g. soil, nutrients, seedlings and other necessities of the garden.

When do we aim to complete the Greenhouse?

  • We aim to have a functioning greenhouse established by the end of September 2018, but ongoing monitoring and expanding of the greenhouse and other accompanying constructs will continue throughout our time studying, thus the next 3 years.

Who benefits from the vegetable garden?

  • All the people living at the Louis Botha Children’s Home, which includes the children first and foremost, their guardians and the people working on the premises of the children’s home.

What is Louis Botha Children’s Home?

  • Louis Botha Children’s home is a Non-Profit Organisation, which accommodates orphaned and protected children.
  • They give the children the necessary implements to survive and have a relatively structured upbringing in relation to their situation.
  • They rely on external funds and donations to function.

Do we have the needed expertise to complete the project?

  • The abundance of knowledgeable people at the University of Pretoria will assist us in making the correct decisions in terms of constructing and maintaining the greenhouse to ensure maximum produce is delivered.

Are we dedicated and motivated?

  • We are most definitely dedicated to the cause and very motivated to start the project that will help the people in need.

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