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Make a Kids Space Dream Come True!


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Hi, my name is LucasΒ Wistuba and I love space!

I have always been interested in everything that involves space. I am raising money to buy my very first telescope so I can start exploring!
beyond books and YouTube videos.

I have wanted to become an astronaut or someone that is involved with space for as long as I can remember. Its been a long dream of mine to one day go to space explore planets find life and so on.

I am just truly amazed by everything in outer space all and all the things in it exoplanets, stars, galaxy, phenomenon, planets, gravity and so on.


If you were to ask any of my friends or family what I would want to do when I grew up you would almost always get the same answer "He wants to be an astronaut or someone involved with space."

I'm also really into computers I am learning how to program at an online school and I love just going into scripts of apps on my computer and just looking around to see what I can find its another thing that I'm truly amazed by.

I'm also really interested in biology, for example, looking at a fly's wing under a microscope or observing how a worm acts in the dark compared to direct sunlight.

These are the things that amaze me and i truly believe that we can't be the only life in this huge universe I mean it doesn't make any sense that there are all these billions of planets in just our galaxy and then there are billions of other galaxy's that we know of its just really amazing to see all the stars on a clear night when your camping.

I was camping pretty recently and I watched the stars with binoculars which were also really cool but now I want to see the stars even closer and that's what this project is about to start making my dream come true by getting this telescope I will start on my journey to explore everything that I can from my backyard. Thank you.


  • Reward #1 = Pledge 100 ZAR
    • YOU will be sent 3 close up pictures of the Moon taken with a 25 mm lens!
  • Reward #2 = Pledge 500 ZAR
    • YOU will be sent 3 close up pictures of the Moon taken with a 10mm lens & I will try to get YOU a picture of Mars (dependent on the distance between the Earth and Mars)!
  • Reward #3 = Pledge 1000 ZAR
    • I will do my BEST to get you a picture of Saturn's rings!
    • YOU will be sent 3 close up pictures of the Moon taken with a 10mm lens & I will try to get YOU a picture of Mars (dependent on the distance between the Earth and Mars)!

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Project FAQ

Who am I?

  • My name is Lucas Wistuba and I am truly amazed by space it has always been one of those things that you think of the most!
  • For as long as I can remember I have loved space I have read books on it watched a lot of Youtube videos on it watched a few movies on it and even documentary's which I usually don't find that interesting except for when the subject has something to do with space.
  • I am also doing a project on this website to buy plastic-free bags and hand them out to the underprivileged so they won't have to use plastic bags anymore that project might be released soon.

Where am I based?

  • I am based in beautiful and sunny Cape Town, South Africa.

Why Crowdfunding?

  • Well because I really couldn't afford it, otherwise even if I wanted to, I couldn't.
  • It's a lot of money for me and shipping costs just kinda hurt me so I needed another way to get enough money and that is why I'm doing this.

What is the plan once 100% funding is received?

  • Once 100% funding is received I will buy the telescope from Amazon and start exploring as soon as it arrives.

Why should I donate to this Project?

  • I am aware that there is no real good purpose for the world or something behind this project but I mean who knows maybe something big will happen because of this project - what if a new planet that is survivable for humans is discovered just because you helped a dream come true.

What would I get for Pledging to this Project?

  • Well as I said before, who knows what will happen in the future so besides the pictures, what if a huge discovery is made with this very telescope then YOU would be the one who helped make it possible! Wouldn't that be awesome!