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Shuga Blessa is a 60 minute Romance Drama about love, social status, relationships, parenting, child abuse, vengeance, and jealousy.

A high school teenage girl dates her teacher, little does she know that he is her mother's ex boyfriend from Varsity. She later learns that the mother is not her biological mother and the teacher who impregnated her is her biological father.

The film has been screened in different international festivals and a TV channel in Nigeria. This was a pilot film for a full feature for theatrical release, International Film Festivals, and other TV channels all over the world.

We are planning to reshoot the film and make it 100 minutes which will qualify it for Cinemas and other International distribution channels.

The film will be directed by an experienced Nigerian Director.  That will contribute to other African countries and International distribution as the story is relevant worldwide.

Any amount contributed to the shooting of this film will be highly appreciated as it will be a dream come through for most young people who are part of the project.


Sanama Creations, is a Multimedia and Film Production company that produces high-quality feature films, reality talk shows, commercials, music videos, event corporate, documentaries, etc. since its establishment in 2010.

One of the short films produced by Sanama Creations won second place at the 2020 International Film Festival in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our biggest advantage is that the Director is a Creative Director of a Nigerian film production company. Having an International Director will broaden the audience and target market to other parts of Africa. Some of our films have been selected for local and international Film Festivals and online distribution channels.

In February 2021 we produced a short film based on a true Covid-19 story in Nigeria.


The primary goal is to achieve an agreement with Local and International distributors for movie theatre screening, Netflix, Showmax, and International Film Festivals.

Sanama Creations intends to submit the completed film to the most prestigious and successful annual film festivals, Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah - January), Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto, Canada - September), and The Cannes Film Festival (Cannes, France – May) and other International Film Festivals.

This Strategy will maximize the Company's bargaining power and increase the potential profit for the film.

The Producer aims to ensure the financial success of Shuga Blessa with the objectives:

  • Minimize production costs to achieve high production value and maximum revenue
  • Hire talented and experienced cast and crew.
  • Involve a prominent veteran/s.
  • Ongoing social media and website promotions.
  • Major film festivals and film markets submission around the world.
  • Engage a reputable and successful sales agent to sell the film domestically and internationally.


  • Pledge R100 = Reward #1! 
    • Selfie vintage TV photo + personalised "Thank You" Social Media shout-out!
  • Pledge R500 = Reward #2! 
    • Credits under 'Special Thanks' + Shuga Blessa Tshirt + selfie vintage TV photo + personalised "Thank You" via Social Media channel of your choice!
  • Pledge R2000+ = Reward #3! 
    • Associate Producer credit
    • Shuga Blessa Tshirt
    • Exclusive Shuga Blessa Digital link to stream the movie on completion
    • Credits under 'Special Thanks'
    • Selfie vintage TV photo - - -
    • Personalised "thank you" via social media of your choice.
  • Pledge R20000+ = Reward #4! 
    • Executive Producer Credit
    • Shuga Blessa full script signed by the writer herself.
    • Shuga Blessa Tshirt
    • Exclusive Shuga Blessa Digital link to stream the movie on completion
    • Credits under 'Special Thanks'
    • Selfie vintage TV photo
    • Personalised "thank you" via social media of your choice!


The unexpected unplanned resurfacing of Soso's biological mother with vengeance shakes Zodwa's world and what she believes to be "perfect life".

Her husband, helper daughter, and long-lost friend makes her life so miserable that she comfort in the hands of the person he despises most.

Watch as the drama unfolds

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Project FAQ

Who are we?

  • Nomi Mzamane is the Independent producer, writer, actress, presenter, voice-over artist, and singer.
    Writer & Producer

  • Ntokozo Mahlalela
  • Zorro Sidloyi
    Key Cast
    "Mr Billy"
  • Aziwe Namba
    Key Cast
  • Nomi Mzamane
    Key Cast

Where are we based?

  • Cape Town, South Africa

Why Crowdfunding

  • Raise funds to shoot a full feature-length film for International theatre releases, TV shows, and all online platforms.

What is the plan once 100% funding is received?

  • Pre-production to post-production of the film.

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