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SME Renewable Energy

environmental friendly

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Supply renewable energy in the form of solar energy and wind energy!


SME Holdings (K2018616536 South Africa Pty Ltd) will focus on providing Renewable energy for mines in the form of solar energy and wind energy!

In doing so, this minimizes electrical costs and decreases electrical demand on Eskom (Electricity provider in Southern Africa) thus availing electricity in households in Southern Africa, by minimizing the electricity supplied to mines by Eskom, using our renewable energy as electricity alternatives, which has been proven to be efficient.

As the company is also a holding company, it'll focus on other sectors of business such as Retail, Logistics, and Agriculture. The company also decreases pollution from coal-driven electricity suppliers, investors will be offered a stake in the holding company.

Motto: "Economical Solutions by Africa"


We intend on creating at least 1000 jobs in the first 3 years of operation, and our aim is to be the largest electrical energy provider to mines using renewable "clean energy" as a source.

In the next 10 years, we intend on supplying electrical energy to households in Africa.

This is the first mine we intend on introducing this coal electricity alternative to. R60000000 will be used to construct a solar farm near the mine


  • Pledge R10,000 = Reward #1 = All expenses paid tour!
    • YOU get a comprehensive Tour of the newly constructed Solar Farm!
  • Pledge R50,000 = Reward #2 = Solar panels delivered!
    • Investors will get FREE solar panels and conductors for your homes, delivered to YOU!
  • Pledge R100,000 = Reward #3 = A Stake in the Company will be offered!
    • Donors will be offered a percentage in the company depending on the investment size!

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Project FAQ

Who are we?

  • SME Holdings (K2018616536 South Africa Pty Ltd) is a South African company that focuses on solving environmental problems in Africa!

Where are we based?

  • We are based in Limpopo, South Africa in the small town of Phalaborwa.

Why Crowdfunding?

  • Because we want the project to be exposed to more potential investors.

What is the plan once 100% funding is received?

  • Solar Farms will be constructed and deals with mines will be executed in order to get the business up and running.
  • Usage of funds; Funds will be used for the construction of the solar farm and wind energy farm depending on the dominant natural element prominent near the mine.