Solar Pack Project for the needy

By R&M Electronic Recyclers

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Solar Packs will be handed out for free to 300 000 households in informal settlements affected by poverty.

Currently, children have to do homework by candlelight, which becomes a fire hazard!

We know and understand that the roll out of infrastructure takes time and is very expensive, thus we are committed to rolling out of the Solar Pack Project.

The Solar Pack project is a new project, where we will give away solar packs to people without electricity. This is a project which requires a large amount of funds, as we are hoping to reach 300 000 homes without electricity!

Our cost for each solar pack is around R850 and contains;

  • Small solar panel
  • Rechargeable torch with two light settings
  • Cellphone charger
  • 2 L.E.D lights with individual ON/OFF switches,
  • Radio MP3 player and All cabling.

We will be responsible for the maintenance, collection, testing and distribution of these packs to designated areas and where needed to install the D.I.Y system to do such (both time consuming and labor intense).


We aim at providing people living in the Johannesburg Municipality district and then expanding to other areas as the donations grow.

  1. We initiated this project due to the ongoing shack fires, which normally end up with fatalities.
  2. We also took into consideration, the theft of copper cables.
  3. Poverty stricken areas, where the parents cannot afford to always load units on the pre-paid meter.
  4. Rolling out and replacing stolen infrastructure is both expensive and takes a bit of time.
  5. Another reason for this project is, children living in informal settlements are also affected by the lack of electricity and often have to do their school work by candle light.
  6. Our aim is to have reached at least 50% of our intended target by December 2017 and the remainder by the end of Mid 2018!


  1. To reach the number of 300 000 houses - an amount of R255 000 000.00 needs to be raised!
  2. Additional staff will be employed, which will be trained in the art of Electronic waste, computer repairs and software.
  3. We will need to receive a lot of donations from companies to reach that amount - and to justify the employment of the additional staff, which will consist mainly of youth.

Thank you for taking the time to support this exciting crowdfunding project!

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The Project FAQs

Who are we?

  • We are R&M Electronic Recyclers an electronic recycling firm, with our concentration on the environment.

What is our plan?

  • The Solar packs will be handed out free of charge to informal settlements.
  • We have identified places around Johannesburg which totals 300 000 Solar Packs which are needed to assist.
  • In Cape Town 400 000 households were identified.
  • This will be an ongoing project, as we also want to look at lighting up some streets in the informal settlements.

Why are we doing this?

  • You might be thinking, why we doing this.... we do this for the people and children affected by poverty.
  • Poverty has no skin colour and anyone can end up living in an informal settlement.
  • The skills transferred to our staff, will assist them when we assist them to open their own Computer and Cellphone Repair Shop, which will be South African owned.

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