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It's time to start UFO SA again!

Urban Fitness Online (UFO) is an Outdoor Group Fitness Company, Personal Training, Online Personal Training, and online coaching through TrainingPeaks.


Urban Fitness Outdoor was started in 2010 with one mission in mind, and that was to impact as many people as we could. Our vision was to do this by getting them FITSTRONG, and into the OUTDOORS while having a whole lot of FUN at the same time.

We offer outdoor group fitness classes for people of all ages and fitness levels.

All of our classes are instructed by qualified fitness professionals who are not only passionate about the fitness industry but also passionate about seeing lives changed.


I would like to start UFO SA again and build it to stronger than ever before. Offering outdoor group fitness classes, personal training, online coaching, and more.

Let's Get Fit Together

  • Have you always wanted the services of a personal trainer? But it's always been out of your reach, either financially or time-wise.

  • Urban Fitness Online has just the solution for you!

  • We offer:

Daily Live Fitness Classes via Zoom or our Member's Only Facebook Community Group.

Fitness in your living room, office, closest green area, or anywhere else you decide to train.

We offer 3 different fitness levels – Novice, Intermediate & Advanced.

Our instructors are all qualified fitness professionals.

A social, fun aspect to training and you don't need to leave your house.

A link into a community of like-minded people on a similar journey towards you.

Join the community


Step 1. Let's Get you in.

This is simple...  

Step 2. Follow the prompts and join the community

Once we receive your details we'll add you to the Members only group and the Members WhatsApp community if you're a Zoomer.


Step 3. Let's Get Started

Join your first class and Let's Get Fit Together!

Step 4. Stay Connected

Stay connected daily via the Facebook Community, stay accountable, ask questions, connect and enjoy the journey.


  • Pledge R1000 = Reward #1!

    • Pledge R1000 for 3-month membership free of any of our services (except Personal Training) at UFO SA when we start up again
  • Pledge R500 = Reward #2! 

    • Pledge R500 for 1-month membership free of any of our services (except Personal Training) at UFO SA when we start up again
  • Pledge R10 = Reward #3! 

    • Free Trial Week: Come and test UFO SA out with a Free Trial Week - obligation-free!


  1. Jono Cloete

    So you might be wondering what the funds will be used for? When I got declared permanently disabled, I donated all the kit to my old church to be used for underprivileged soccer teams, which means now I need to start from the ground up. New Kit, New bags, New instructor kit, The whole bang shoot. Thank you!

  2. Adeola

    I hope this message finds you well. I recently came across your crowdfunding campaign and was impressed by its noble objectives. As someone deeply committed to supporting impactful initiatives, I am eager to offer my assistance in helping your campaign reach its fundraising targets.

    With a wealth of experience in navigating successful crowdfunding endeavors, I have acquired valuable insights into effective strategies that can significantly boost campaign performance. Should you be interested in further discussion or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me through my profile on Fiverr at https://www.fiverr.com/s/xBzNpX

    I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you and contribute to the success of your campaign.

    Warm regards, Adeola Agency

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Project FAQ

Who am I?

  • A bit of a long story, but on the 10 of April 2021 I was hit by a car on my bike, died 5 times, and spent a month in a sedated coma and 5.5 months in hospital after that. I was declared permanently disabled by discovery and then 2 weeks ago they for some unknown reason revoked my claim

  • I owned and ran an outdoor fitness business - Urban Fitness Online (UFO) Urban Fitness Outdoor - since 2010 in JHB.

  • I would love to start UFO again.

  • Thanks  🙏🏼

Where are we based?

  • Cape Town, South Africa

Why Crowdfunding?

  • I need start-up capital.
  • Would like to start as quickly as possible, but I need to start from the group up.
  • I need to buy new equipment, flags, bags, and everything I need to run the sessions.

What is the plan once 100% funding is received?

  • The minute I have enough money to buy equipment I’ll start Urban Fitness Outdoor (UFO) again

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