Building Your Project

Jumpstarter Guide – No:5

As you build your project, take your time! The average successfully funded creator spends nearly two weeks tweaking their project before launching. A thoughtful and methodical approach can pay off.

Titling your project

Your Jumpstarter project title should be simple, specific, and memorable, and it should include the title of the creative project you’re raising funds for. Imagine your title as a distinct identity that will set it apart (“Make my new album” isn’t as helpful or searchable as “The K-Stars record their debut EP, All Or Nothing “). Avoid words like “help,” “support,” or “fund.” They imply that you’re asking someone to do you a favor rather than offering an experience they’re going to love. Building-your-project

Picking your project image

Your project image is how you will be represented on Jumpstarter and the rest of the web. Pick something that accurately reflects your project and that looks nice, too!

Writing your short description

Your short description appears in your project’s widget, and it’s the best place to quickly communicate to your audience what your project is about. Stay focused and be clear on what your project hopes to accomplish. If you had to describe your project in one tweet, how would you do it?

Writing your bio

Your bio is a great opportunity to share more about you. Why are you the one to take on this project? What prior work can you share via links? This is key to earning your backers’ trust.