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This Jumpstarter press release template is designed to serve as a starting point for writing your own press release, for your crowdfunding campaign. It explains the standard formatting your press release should follow.

Crowdfunding Press Release Template

Feel free to edit and use as you like, we have implemented placeholders that you can simply replace with your information and we’ve used wording suitable for rewards and donation campaigns.

Following the examples and guidelines in this template, you’ll be able to write a winning press release for your crowdfunding campaign, regardless of your funding goal, type of campaign or which platform you are using.

  1. Press Release Headline:

Your Jumpstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Press Release Headline In Title Case. Make it speaks to journalists in your target industry – without hype or sales talk!

Example: Technical Weatherproof Outerwear With Style

  1. Subheadline:

Add an optional sub header here, usually 1 attention grabbing sentence.

Example: CompanyName, leaders in technical outerwear with style and on trend designs, using special developed fabrics are now on Jumpstarter Crowdfunding.

  1. Press Release Copy & Formatting:

The opening paragraph is the most important element in your press release where you should summarize what you are announcing and what you want the journalists to know first. This is where you grab their attention and get them to want to know more about your campaign. For a detailed blog post about how to write the perfect press release copy, click here.

Example: CITY, State, Month, Day, Year – New Startup CompanyName announced today that it is raising funds via a rewards / equity crowdfunding campaign on Jumpstarter Crowdfunding to finish the development of their revolutionary wearable technology. The company set out to raise R100,000 on Jumpstarter Crowdfunding to finish development and produce the first batch of their latest invention that is going to change the wearable technology market.

Include three to six paragraphs of relevant facts and information a journalist should use to write a story about your campaign. List the most important information first and talk about the least important information in the last paragraph. Your press release should be written in the third person and include a quote from the founder or crowdfunding project lead.

We recommend that you include images and your pitch video in your press release to give journalists a multi-media introduction to your campaign and get them excited to visit your crowdfunding page.

  1. Boilerplate:

A so called boilerplate is a paragraph explaining the identity of a company, what it does and who stands behind it. It is optional to include a boilerplate but it certainly doesn’t hurt to help journalists gather as much information from your press release as possible. Use the boilerplate to provide additional background information but try to keep this part short.

Example: CompanyName was set up in CITY on “IncorporationDate” and is owned by OwnerName and Jumpstarter Crowdfunding. It has enjoyed early traction with its last product called ProductName. (Replace this with any previous success story you can tell).

  1. Contact:

Include as many ways to contact you as possible to make it easy for journalists to reach you.

  • Name of Media Contact
  • Title
  • Company Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact E-mail
  • Campaign Page URL

Be sure to spell check your press release and check any facts and statistics in your press release, make sure your grammar reads well and make sure there aren’t any obvious errors that may turn a journalist off. Have a crowdfunding campaign team member or a friend read your press release and check for errors.

That’s pretty much it, if you follow the steps above your press release will be ahead of the crowd by design.


The next step is to submit your crowdfunding press release to news sites and business blogs.