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Abigail's Projects


Hello, Iā€™m Abigail. I am in my third year of studying at UCT towards a degree in Mathematics and Psychology. In my previous two years at UCT I have also taken courses in Anthropology, Religious Studies and Xhosa. A somewhat eccentric mix, I know, but every course I have taken has influenced me in deep, profound ways and fuelled my passion for education. I intend to study towards becoming a teacher after my undergrad and my dream is to have a real, positive and inspirational impact on the lives of children in future generations.
While intellectual pursuits are great passions of mine, I am also an artist in more aspects than just visual art. I have fallen in love with ballroom and latin dancing and have been a gymnast for over 10 years. I play the viola and piano and have recently begun learning the ukulele. I have a small business designing and sewing skirts and other clothing items and often make new items for myself.

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Joined 4th May 2017