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I am an experienced addictions counsellor with a long, impressive CV but an even bigger heart. I help people to stop hurting and to start living. I work with people. I talk to people. I listen to people. I watch people take responsibility for their lives. I cry with them, laugh (alot) with them. I teach, I learn, I do some growing of my own.

I do this with individuals, with women, with men, with young adults, in groups. I am a sucker and a champion for the hopeless and the desperate. Ask anyone. I believe in hope and magic. But I am a realist and a cynic. I will tell you the truth and I’m not afraid to be temporarily unpopular.

I have worked in treatment centres and rehabs for 9 years, with adults and adolescents, and in private practice for 4 years. I am experienced with substance addictions and process addictions, integration counselling, trauma and DBT. I am in recovery and I am always learning. This is what I do and I hope I can be of service to you.

I am extending my knowledge base and learning the theory behind the practical work I do by attending UCT and enrolling in a Postgraduate Diploma in Addictions Care. I need financial assistance to make this dream a reality.

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