Defining Your Campaign, Project, Fundraiser…

Jumpstarter Guide – No:1

The reason you are here needs to be explained in clear, simple and precise language. It needs to engage your audience and tell them a story of why your Campaign is different, unique and will be the best thing they have ever supported.

Use descriptive terms, bright words and capture their imagination – and make them believe that by supporting you, they are making a difference in the world and their own lives!

Most importantly your Campaign must have a start and a finish!

A Jumpstarter project’s duration is either between 1 and 60 days, or by a certain date. Curiously, using the second option, you can have the project end past the 60-day limit. Statistically, projects lasting 30 days or less have our highest success rates.

A long drawn out affair with no end in sight, will only cause an audience to lose interest and look else where for inspiration.