Rewarding your Audience

Jumpstarter Guide – No:2

Once you have captured your audience and they have given you their support, you need to reward them with a token of appreciation – dependant on the amount pledged. It can be anything that you feel will inspire the audience to assist with your campaign.

Rewards are typically items produced by the project itself — a copy of the CD, a print from the show, a limited edition of the comic. Many projects also offer creative experiences: visits to the set, naming characters after backers, personal phone calls. Rewards that bring backers into the creative process are a great approach.

Rewards tiers can be set for any pledge amount, up to the maximum pledge value. All rewards must fit into our rules, which include a list of prohibited items and subject matter, and may not be offered in bulk (over 10) or wholesale quantities.

When building your project, there’s a place to select “Limit # available.”

You can also mark a reward tier as sold out at any point during your project’s duration, and increase or decrease reward limits (or remove them altogether) at any time.

Please do not underestimate a good reward!