Award-Winning Crowdfunding Platform for Business in South Africa

Thanks for taking the time to look at our crowd funding theme, Jumpstarter. It’s a WordPress theme that seamlessly integrates with your offering and allows you to create a crowd funding projects! Easily crowd source everything from films, games, music to art, design, technology, or anything you can imagine.

Campaign “Backers” can pledge specified amounts of money towards a project and receive rewards for their contributions. Using Payfast extension, pledge amounts are only collected if a campaign reaches its goal in the time specified. Campaign backers are listed so you can see who all is involved, and comments allow for interaction between authors and backers.

We’ve added a front-end submission form for people to submit new campaigns to your website, making it super easy to add new campaigns. They can set a goal amount, the length of the campaign, and if they have a video that can be added to the campaign page as well as images. Campaigns are set to “pending” for a site administrator to review and publish.

Some of the features that we’ve included with the theme are, a “responsive design” This means when you view Jumpstarter on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device, it will always look amazing.

Alongside the amazing custom plugin integration, the theme can be used as a standard blog. We’ve added a number of features such as template pages so it has the same design as the rest of your site, a archive template and much more. Easily customize the look of your offering with Jumpstarter.

We hope that our theme and plugin can help many projects get off the ground using crowd funding, so go take the theme demo for a spin!