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“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”
“God saw everything that He had made and behold, it was very good"
Genesis 1: 1,31

In 1999 Pope Saint John Paul II encouraged all artists to pursue their God-given passions and gifting,
“that through art, souls might be lifted up from the world of the senses to the eternal’ –

And so, this has been my vision and hope in compiling this stunning volume of exquisite nature pictures and uplifting
Christian quotes – that you too may be enriched and stirred as you gaze into the face of the beauty of God….


My name is Tanya Le Grange and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a great yearning for all things beautiful – stunning scenery, the smell of a pine forest, creative art, poetry, slow melancholic music that stirs, the sounds of a trickling stream or the lovely twitters of songbirds. Actually, anything that would draw me closer to nature and to my heavenly Father above.

Louie Giglio once said: “That God is always seeking you. Every sunset. Every clear blue sky. Each ocean wave. The starry hosts of night. He blankets each new day with the invitation, “‘I am here” – This spoke to me. So thought why not buy a book of nature pictures so that I could feel God’s presence in a visually striking way?

I searched for something similar, but couldn’t find anything anywhere. And this is how I came to create ‘Glorious Splendour’ - in the quest to inspire myself.


Yes, I think, (judging by the world according to Google and Amazon) that this is the first time in history something like
this has ever been done before - and I am really proud of that.  I’ve worked super hard on this, spending hundreds of
hours on research, wading through more than 5 000+ images, quotes and narrations to produce this glorious picture
book with uplifting quotes.

The project is completed, but in saying this - I would now like to bless others and donate the fruits of my labour to folks
of low means; reaching hospices and women’s shelters and those less fortunate, to inspire hope for generations to

I love this quote by Mother Theresa -"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to
create many ripples”

Praying you will open your hearts, support this endeavour, and journey with me to be part of this grand epic adventure,
so that God may ultimately be glorified in the end.

Yours, in Christ



This project would not have been made possible without the efforts too of my freelance designers Tracy & Anine.

Tracy – Gosh,  Jill of all trades – Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Court Jester… J (we’ve come a long way girl, maybe working together for the past 15 years and some). She’s the night owl, always cheerful with a generous smile and a pleasant disposition and has stayed up with me till many a wee hour of the morning to finish projects and meet print deadlines. Thanks, T

Anine – The absolute perfectionist (like me). Takes pride in her work, quite meticulous about everything she does and has a conscientious attitude towards her work.

Both artists are very good. Both quite different – and very much needed to balance out the different design demands (when they’re not busy firing me for asking them to “do it again” for the 100th time). I would be tickled pink to pass their details on should you require a designer for your projects.

Then there’s Gina – my lovely, quiet, trusty right-hand lady, assisting me with the behind-the-scenes things. Helping me with the “flow” as so to speak and doing the things I haven’t had time to do. Thank ya lass for looking out for me.


Although these books have already been already printed, I am now needing extra funds for the distribution costs, packaging and all the other extra’s to do outreach to others. Any additional funds will be used to produce more, to reach more.

How You Can Help

Your support is very important to us. The more people we reach who contribute, the greater our chances of success.  And-Every-Little-Bit-Helps!

Financial contributions are obviously a good way to help us achieve our goals, but if you do not have the means, please share, share, share, all you can and to whom you can. We need lots of eyes to see this campaign and referrals are always gold.

You can also join our Facebook and Instagram pages so that when we place posts, you can share these to your network and/or tag others.

If there are any social media geniuses out there that want to donate their time in doing some kingdom work and can use your expertise to market this further, we would be most grateful for that.

Also pray for us too, because God answers prayers, and ultimately He has the final say on how this will all pan out in the end.

Thanking you all in advance for what you are about to do. May God bless you abundantly for your kindness.


Pledge R100+ = Reward #1: Love Gift

    • You're Kind. You Care. You want to see us succeed.
    • Donation of any amount. For this, you will get our heartfelt gratitude and a smile from God

Pledge R200 = Reward #2: God with Me at Work

    • Computer Desktop Wallpapers
    • You will be reminded of Him every time you look at your computer screen

Pledge R475 = Reward #3: My Visual Delight

    • 3 Glossy Prints as Wall Art: Any 3 x A4 prints from our online shop here! Shipping Included

Pledge R595 = Reward #4: Faith Gift Pack

    • Paperback Book, 20 Wallpapers, 3 Prints
    • Includes:
      • 100-page gift paperback book
      • 20 sunset wallpapers
      • 3 x A4 prints
      • Shipping

Pledge R885 = Reward #5: Pay it Forward

    • Buy One + Donate One. You will receive a book plus we’ll donate one on your behalf to someone who will be warmed by your sincere generosity
    • Includes shipping

Pledge R1040 = Reward #6: Friendship Pack

    • Encourage a friend today
    • 2 Faith Gift Packs
    • Includes Shipping

Pledge R2375 = Reward #7: Sharing is Caring

    • Share these with those you love
    • 5 books + 5 sets of beautiful sunset wallpapers
    • Price includes shipping

Pledge R4950 = Reward #8: For His Glory

    • Church Leaders Pack
    • You want to uplift your congregation and set the captives free
    • 10 books + 10 sets of wallpapers + 10 x A4 prints. Includes shipping

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Project FAQ


  • To leave a beautiful, visual legacy behind in the form of books, prints, and digital designs
  • To uplift, inspire, and motivate the world to higher glories that only God can provide
  • To connect man to God through His awe-inspiring Creation
  • To be kind to others and bless and share with those that are less fortunate
  • To remind people to be still “and know that I am God” and rest with the assurance that they are safe within the arms of His Love


  • Please note, books will only be available for distribution in South Africa
  • Shipping costs are included for National Distribution Points. Outlying areas will incur additional shipping fees


  • Soft Copy – A5 Landscape. 100 pages – Cover 350g paperback gloss finish. Insert pages heavy 170g pages.
    Full colour
  • They will also come with a digital set of 20 spectacular sunset wallpapers/cell wallpapers with scripture quotes as part of the package (where applicable)


  • Sizes A4 (full colour gloss prints)
  • Please note, these do not come with frames, but they fit general “Certificate Frame” sizes which is easily obtainable at most retail outlets to match your home/office decor

Personalized Prints

  • Your own pics or ours. Your own quotes or ours

Computer Desktop / Cell Wallpapers

  • Most popular size: 1980 x 1200px


Books & Prints

  • These will be dispatched to you shortly after the campaign has ended


  • It will be available for download after the campaign closes


Book Reviews

Sneak preview

  • Of some of the pictures from the book – please visit our website: www.GloriousSplendour.co.za or visit our online shop here.
  • You’ll get a pretty good idea of God’s wonderful blessings contained within the pages!

Risks & Challenges

  • This platform is an all-or-nothing venture. If we don’t reach the tipping point, you’ll be refunded your monies, minus a teeny weeny processing fee, and I'm giving this all I've got, so there is very little risk to you as the backer.

That's me for now. Thanks for reading...

And we hope to see you on the other side of success whichever way our Lord chooses to move this



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