Award-Winning Crowdfunding Platform for Business in South Africa

Jumpstarter showcases video on WHO we are, WHAT is crowdfunding and HOW to use it effectively for your venture!

The Guidelines and Steps on how to crowdfund successfully with Jumpstarter.

The Story (0-00:42)
What is Crowdfunding? (00:43-01:10)
How Jumpstarter Reward-based Crowdfunding works (01:11-02:55)
Step 1: Defining Your Campaign, Project, Fundraiser (02:58-03:33)
Step 2: Creating Rewards (03:34-04:08)
Step 3: Reaching your Goal, Target, Destination (04:09-04:43)
Step 4: Get the audience excited (04:44-05:05)
Step 5: Building Your Project (05:05-05:43)
Step 6: Promoting Your Project (05:44-06:34)
Step 7: Project Updates (06:35-07:15)
Step 8: Reward Fulfillment (07:16-08:06)
Great Jumpstarter Campaign Video example (08:09-11:10)
Jumpstarter Crowdfunding next steps (11:13-11:59)