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Award-Winning Crowdfunding Platform for Business in South Africa

Ways to Power-Up Your Crowdfunding Pitch

Crowdfunding can be an effective tool for accomplishing your startup goals. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your marketing efforts, expand your customer base, or reach out to friends and family for funding, crowdfunding provides a platform to rally support around you and your company. Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs who have conducted successful fundraisers, we have distilled 7 key strategies for launching a successful crowdfund:

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Crowdfunding in South Africa!

US investors are buzzing over crowdfunding, would it work in South Africa?

Among the many things that the internet has made possible is what experts call “many-to-many” communication – that is, sites where a large number of individuals can individually and collectively communicate directly with a large number of other individuals. This innovation is what underlies the idea of crowdfunding.

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