Award-Winning Crowdfunding Platform for Business in South Africa

CliffCentral Radio Interview | 360 Biz – Financial Empowerment

Jumpstarter Chief Operations Director, Derek Whitehead, is interviewed by CliffCentral’s Teboho Mafodi & Bulelani Balabala on the success of Jumpstarter Crowdfunding tackling real challenges facing African businesses – big, small, formal and informal!


People speak of funding daily, but few know that there’s financial empowerment in the form of grants and crowdfunding!

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Four Different Types Of Crowdfunding

Defined broadly, crowdfunding is a joint effort by individuals to support a cause, company or organization. These individuals are collectively referred to as the “crowd.”

Four Types of Crowdfunding

The role of the individuals in the crowd is to pool their resources. The resource most commonly pooled is money, which is how the word “funding” was added to “crowd” in “crowdfunding.”

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AlliedCrowds – Developing World Crowdfunding

Dear Partners & Friends,
We are excited to share with you the January edition of the AlliedCrowds bi-monthly report on crowdfunding in the developing world.

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2016 Rand Show Competition Prize for Jumpstarter Crowdfunding User

Jumpstarter Crowdfunding team is very excited to offer the great prize of winning one High-end / Upper Market Retailer FREE Pop-up Shop at the largest consumer event in Africa, Rand Show!

Herewith is more detail and the value of the prize.

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2015 African Excellence Awards Winner

Jumpstarter has been named a winner in ‘Best in SME Business Financing‘ for the 2015 Corporate Vision African Corporate Excellence Awards!

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Run a crowdfunding Christmas campaign

We know that Christmas is a great time of year to run a fundraising campaign.


Have you ever thought about a Christmas crowdfunding campaign?

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PRESS RELEASE – African Crowdfunding Association (ACfA) Established to Provide Equal Access to Capital for All

African Crowdfunding Association

Today, Thundafund and Wealth Migrate supported by Jumpstarter, other Organizations and individuals announce the launch of the African Crowdfunding Association (ACfA). The ACfA will be the industry association for Crowdfunding professionals and companies in Africa.

The goal of the ACfA is to lobby for crowdfunding legislation creation and reforms, increase public awareness, and to create a more cohesive industry structure in Africa that protects investors and democratizes access to capital for all Africans.

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Why Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail

There have been many well recognised, successful crowdfunding campaigns in the last several years, but most will fall short of their goal.  At times failure is simply due to the fact the project does not have merit, but remember when addressing the crowd passion and the ability to connect with your virtual investor is very important.


Below are some of the biggest reasons a campaign fails:

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A Crowdfunding How-To

Writing about successful crowdfunding campaigns and raised money through Jumpstarter, we need to outline a project that failed to obtain even one measly pledge, and the reasons.  We’ve compiled our own list of tips on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign!


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Crowdfunding Press Release Template

This Jumpstarter press release template is designed to serve as a starting point for writing your own press release, for your crowdfunding campaign. It explains the standard formatting your press release should follow.

Crowdfunding Press Release Template

Feel free to edit and use as you like, we have implemented placeholders that you can simply replace with your information and we’ve used wording suitable for rewards and donation campaigns.

Following the examples and guidelines in this template, you’ll be able to write a winning press release for your crowdfunding campaign, regardless of your funding goal, type of campaign or which platform you are using.

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