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PRESS RELEASE – African Crowdfunding Association (ACfA) Established to Provide Equal Access to Capital for All

African Crowdfunding Association

Today, Thundafund and Wealth Migrate supported by Jumpstarter, other Organizations and individuals announce the launch of the African Crowdfunding Association (ACfA). The ACfA will be the industry association for Crowdfunding professionals and companies in Africa.

The goal of the ACfA is to lobby for crowdfunding legislation creation and reforms, increase public awareness, and to create a more cohesive industry structure in Africa that protects investors and democratizes access to capital for all Africans.

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Why Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail

There have been many well recognised, successful crowdfunding campaigns in the last several years, but most will fall short of their goal.  At times failure is simply due to the fact the project does not have merit, but remember when addressing the crowd passion and the ability to connect with your virtual investor is very important.


Below are some of the biggest reasons a campaign fails:

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A Crowdfunding How-To

Writing about successful crowdfunding campaigns and raised money through Jumpstarter, we need to outline a project that failed to obtain even one measly pledge, and the reasons.  We’ve compiled our own list of tips on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign!


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Crowdfunding Press Release Template

This Jumpstarter press release template is designed to serve as a starting point for writing your own press release, for your crowdfunding campaign. It explains the standard formatting your press release should follow.

Crowdfunding Press Release Template

Feel free to edit and use as you like, we have implemented placeholders that you can simply replace with your information and we’ve used wording suitable for rewards and donation campaigns.

Following the examples and guidelines in this template, you’ll be able to write a winning press release for your crowdfunding campaign, regardless of your funding goal, type of campaign or which platform you are using.

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Jumpstarter Crowdfunding interview with Hashtag Radio

Jumpstarter Crowdfunding Chief Operations Director, Derek Whitehead, is interviewed by Hashtag Radio on the growth, success and advice for effective engagement with your crowd!

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10 Tools to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign Effectively

A crowdfunding campaign is time-consuming, no matter how well designed it is. Find out about some great resources that will help you streamline and automate your efforts!

successful crowdfunding

In order for your crowdfunding campaign to be successful, you will have to reach out to as many potential backers as possible. This involves a lot of work across many channels, so your efforts need to be coordinated at all times. One of the most effective ways to achieve your goal is to set up a plan dividing your campaign into stages: Continue reading

Gus Brown Band radio interview & Jumpstarter success

Gus Brown band speak with Hashtag Radio on the correct approach to their Jumpstarter campaign success on reaching and exceeding their funding goal by 127%!

Correct payments with cards – 3D secure verification

There are times when some of the Jumpstarter customers are having issues with completing a donation payment with their credit/debit cards.

The reason that some of these payments fail was unfortunately due to 3D secure.

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10 Things You Should Know For Your Crowdfunding Campaign

You have a great idea, and now you want to present it to the general public to get market validation and funding!  Here’s ten pointers that you should keep in mind throughout your crowdfunding campaign!


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10 Fresh Tips for Your Jumpstarter Marketing Strategy

If you’re running a Jumpstarter project, it’s important to market your idea to get the maximum number of backers. However, before you even get started with your project, you should plan ahead.


I intend for this blog to expand upon some of the tips mentioned and to provide new guidance.
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