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Types of Business Costs – to help with Cash Flow Projections

This article serves to simply help you to categorise business costs that you will come across in your business plan cash flow projection or forecast.

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What to Do Before You Launch Your Jumpstarter Campaign

You have this amazing idea for a new product/service and you realize that unfortunately for you to get this cool new project out to the world you are going to require some form of funding. So what do you do?  You register on a crowdfunding platform (Jumpstarter) and tell all your friends about it and ask them to share it with their friends as well.  Continue reading

10 DIY Crowdfunding Tools For a Successful Campaign

In addition to crowdfunding tools related to fulfillment, we’ve included tools to manage press outreach, simplify social media engagement, and make your visual assets the very best that they can be.

Let’s go make your crowdfunding campaign a success.

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How will crowdfunding look on my balance sheet?

So you are considering crowdfunding to raise your capital? While this is important, what is even more important is knowing how your decision is going to affect your financial statements.

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Top 10 Lessons To Crowdfund Successfully

Jumpstarter, being a registered Non-profit organisation, is here to help and share our insights / knowledge with others on the key takeaways and actionable lessons we discovered, which should be used for your next crowdfunding project and general marketing efforts online!  Continue reading

What is Seed Funding?

You may have heard the word “seed funding” being used in the context of startups. But what on earth does it mean? And why do you need it? Seed funding refers to the initial funding required for a start-up.

This is the money that you need to raise at the very beginning, before anything has really started. If your business idea is to develop an app, the seed funding would be required to lay the foundations for creating the app.

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Accountability on Jumpstarter

When a Jumpstarter campaign fails, does anyone get their money back?” We would like to answer the question to what would happen if a Jumpstarter project failed to follow through on its promises. This raises a number of questions about accountability on Jumpstarter, and we want to talk directly about it.

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A Powerful Enterprise Solution: New Jumpstarter Crowdfunding CMS

The Jumpstarter team is excited having recently launched our brand new Jumpstarter Crowdfunding Enterprise Solution Content Management System (CMS)!

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What is Jumpstarter Crowdfunding – Intro video

Jumpstarter showcases video on WHO we are, WHAT is crowdfunding and HOW to use it effectively for your venture!

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Fresh My Life – Womens Holistic Workshop

Fresh My Life is bringing the spirit of Summer to Cape Town!


The first event of its kind takes place on Saturday the 3rd of September at LOKOH – a magical old warehouse in the heart of Woodstock, Cape Town from 9am – 5pm!

We invite WOMEN (and men!) to get you inspired, fresh and #SummerReady!

Ticket holders get access to ANY of Lifestyle Workshops, Coffee tasting: Black Insomnia (The World’s Strongest Coffee- if you dare) as well as organic wine tasting with Bio Cape Wines. There is also a cool and ALL female DJ line-up bringing a vibe as you get inspired! Continue reading