Non-Profit Organisation

Louis Botha Childrens Home Greenhouse Vegetable Garden
Non-Profit Organisation

We are 5 Students aiming to make a difference in the lives of the people who need it most. Food security and the rising cost of food have a negative impact on most people in our society. None more that the children living at the Louis Botha Children’s Home in Queenswood Pretoria, they rely on donations and external funding which means that they are left to a very strict and often too small budget to feed the children that live at the home. Our project aims to erect a greenhouse that would grow organic, nutritious produce on a monthly basis. The addition of the functioning greenhouse would cut the cost of buying produce out of the budget monthly!

  • 1% Funded
  • R100 Funded
  • 8 Days Left

Non-Profit Organisation

Be an activist, put your money where your mouth is and fund SECTION 27.

  • 29% Funded
  • R14,500 Funded
  • Ended On 7th April 2017