Elveebee Doll

Providing a true playmate for little ones, and other doll enthusiasts, all over the world.

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  • 24 Days Left

ORRA Initiate: Protect Hospitality Industry Employee Livelihoods

ORRA Initiative will aim at helping employees in the hospitality industry, both financially and skillfully, through developing an extensive training program for underprivileged potential employees and providing them with financial aid during the pandemic.

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  • 46 Days Left

Komati Kraft Brewery

Komatipoort, Kruger Park. Exciting Wild-vacation rewards!

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  • R2,050 Funded
  • 34 Days Left

Gxarha Premium Leather Goods

Help Keep The Dream Alive! Help Gxarha Leather become South Africa's leading leather goods brand!

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  • 14 Days Left


Scrunchie drinks cover to prevent drink spiking

  • 8% Funded
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  • 9 Days Left

Weddings & Engagement Videos
Film & Video

Raising funds to take my wedding videography business to the next level with a much-needed gear upgrade.

  • 100% Funded
  • R35,005 Funded
  • Ended On 16 April 2021

Glorious Splendour Christian Book Launch

The vision and hope in compiling this stunning volume of exquisite nature pictures and uplifting Christian quotes – that you too may be enriched and stirred as you gaze into the face of the beauty of God

  • 101% Funded
  • R8,600 Funded
  • Ended On 31 March 2021