Why Kids Must Code

'Why Kids Must Code' is my initiative to provide kids with the experience, skills and knowledge of basic computing. A subject not offered at primary school level! Thus at the end of Grade 7 a child may explore further the world of technology!

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Start Up Business | Intrawit

IntraWit is a full house web hosting company that offers a wide spectrum of services!

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Raise funds to help Grace rebuild her home

On the 25th of July 2016, a massive storm swept through Boons, a small town close to Rustenburg. Help us collect money to rebuild and refurnish a home by donating cash OR any new or second hand household items.

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  • Ended On 09/26/2016

Alyssa Nevi Angel

Alyssa is a 2 year old little girl with a potentially health risking birthmark on her face!

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With the dancing community in South Africa growing larger every year there are certain issues which have become glaringly evident. DANCECORP are new Providers of dance apparel for men in South Africa!

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Abundant Life: Crossing the Desert

Worthy causes abound but not all get the exposure they deserve. Abundant Life is run by Sister Pitout and Doctor Cupido operating out of the Victoria Hospital in Wynberg, Western Cape, South Africa.

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