Get Maties Rowing to Boatrace!

The Maties Rowing Club of Stellenbosch University are an interesting bunch. Much like the famous Oxford-Cambridge Boatrace, our six crews have trained long and hard all year to compete in the 6km (men) and 4.2km (ladies) races. Our final obstacle: the root of all evil (and no, it’s not the rowing machine), money!

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The Lone Strangers 2015 Put Foot Rally Charity Donation

The “Lone Strangers” are a team of 4 capable and determined individuals who have decided to take on the challenge that is the 2015 Putfoot Rally! Our team, along with participants from across the country, will venture through Southern Africa in a vintage restored VW – all in support of wildlife conservation – and delivering school shoes during the event!

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  • ZAR 4,000.00 Funded
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Adopt A Child For Christmas Campaign

Where Rainbows Meet Training and Development Foundation is holding a Christmas event, giving over 5,000 children a Christmas gift, which includes: clothes, educational materials, hygienic materials, toys and a meal, but we can’t do this without your help.

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Android to PC

Sharek File Transfer

Sharek what is it ? SHAREK is one of the world’s leading application for file transfer and sharing. It offers users the convenience to transfer files of different types and sizes between mobile devices, either Android or iOS…

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Mental Health Awareness #MHA_RSA

Mental Health Awareness influences YOUR family, friends and acquaintances. Every time you share this, talk about this, you are helping in more ways than you can ever imagine… After reading my short project plan you will fully comprehend my initiative, project and goals.

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Some of you might already know that the Cederberg now has a brewery. Cederbrew, womanned by sisters Melanie and Tania Nieuwoudt, propelled itself on to the scene in style, with their Chubbyhead Stout ranking in the top 10 craft beers nationwide at the 2014 Craft Championships! But we need your support!

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Westpeak Bespoke Threads


Our idea is one born from necessity…

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Project PMD – Intro video

The future is coming…and you can play a part in it. Please help finance the costume design and production costs involved to my first video and join me in the journey of project PMD.

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