Help Fix my broken Laptop

We are currently in a big financial problem and I work online using my laptop! Due to a short circuit motherboard broke and I do not have the money to replace the parts! Great rewards for support!

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Real Punishers Football Club (NPO)

Real Punishers Football Club is a youth development football club founded in 2014 by philanthropic, Emmanuel Khumalo to help boost young football players from the townships of Durban. Currently our club does not enough soccer jersey for all our divisions and quality soccer balls as we only have 5 soccer balls, which we find difficult to train with.

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Grieving Parents Travel Fund

Patients and their parents are very important to us here at Friends of the Children\’s Hospital Association (FOCHA). This fund is to raise transport money…

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Some of you might already know that the Cederberg now has a brewery. Cederbrew, womanned by sisters Melanie and Tania Nieuwoudt, propelled itself on to the scene in style, with their Chubbyhead Stout ranking in the top 10 craft beers nationwide at the 2014 Craft Championships! But we need your support!

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Westpeak Bespoke Threads


Our idea is one born from necessity…

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Adopt A Child For Christmas Campaign

Where Rainbows Meet Training and Development Foundation is holding a Christmas event, giving over 5,000 children a Christmas gift, which includes: clothes, educational materials, hygienic materials, toys and a meal, but we can’t do this without your help.

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Train A Ranger – Anti Poaching Course

‘Poaching’ – What comes to mind, when you hear of wildlife being poached? Gruesome images of lifeless animals? Feelings of Anger, Disgust? Do you wish you could do something about it? Well, I do. And I can…. But I need YOUR help!

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A small NGO needs your help to continue to feed, educate and inspire children from underprivileged communities in South Africa. ACt4Change believes where there is action (no matter how small) there can and will be change. If we work together we can achieve amazing results and put a smile on the faces of children who have very little to smile about.
Please help us help out more communities!

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